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Why Choose ZGSM LED Lighting Solutions?

Why Choose ZGSM LED Lighting Solutions

Since 2005, ZGSM has been focusing on outdoor lighting projects. Their products include street lights, floodlights, stadium lights, industrial lights, canopy lights, etc. In these lighting fields, ZGSM has always pursued high light efficiency, long life, reasonable light distribution, complete certification, lighting simulation, solution customization, etc. ZGSM can help solve various problems. ZGSM is not just a manufacturer but also your perfect partner for outdoor lighting.

High light efficiency and long lifetime

High luminous efficiency has always been the goal pursued by the LED industry. The luminous efficiency of LED lamps has developed from less than 100lm/W to 150-200lm/W, but there is still room for improvement. These measures include the use of high-efficiency LED chips, efficient LED drivers, high-transmittance lenses/glass, etc. In addition, long life (high L70 value) must also be paid attention to. ZGSM believes that while the initial light efficiency is essential, it is equally important to maintain high light efficiency for a long time. Otherwise, the light decay will be severe, and the lamps will not be able to meet the project requirements in a short period of time. It is an irresponsible approach. Long life often requires the use of high-quality LED drivers and LED chips, while smaller driving current and reasonable heat dissipation also need to be considered.

Reasonable light distribution

Light distribution is related to the lighting effect, energy efficiency and visual comfort of LED lamps in practical applications. Reasonable light distribution allows lighting fixtures to meet the corresponding lighting effects (luminance, illuminance, uniformity and glare) with the minimum wattage. On the contrary, unreasonable light distribution will cause the light to be either too concentrated or too dispersed to achieve the desired effect. Every corner of the illuminated area cannot be reasonably illuminated, or some light shines directly outside the illuminated area. At the same time, it will also cause uncomfortable glare. The final result is that high-wattage lamps are not as good as low-wattage lamps.

Lighting Simulation For The Project

ZGSM is not only a manufacturer that provides products but also an expert in providing overall lighting solutions. The ZGSM team will conduct lighting simulations and recommend the most suitable lighting solution based on your lighting needs, site conditions (road conditions or court size) light pole positions, etc. If you lack relevant information or are unclear about your lighting requirements, they can also make recommendations based on ZGSM’s many years of project experience. For road lighting simulation, ZGSM can recommend suitable lamp styles, wattage, lenses and related accessories according to requirements. For sports lighting simulation, they can recommend suitable floodlights/stadium lights, wattage (large or small), lenses (symmetrical or asymmetrical), mounting brackets, etc., upon request. If you need these services, please feel free to consult their professional team.

Complete certification 

As one of the leading street light manufacturers, ZGSM has passed many certifications. These certifications include ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, ISO50001 energy management system certification, etc. In addition, their products all comply with the corresponding product standards, such as 60598-2-3 for streetlights, 60598-2-5 for floodlights, etc. The certifications passed by the products include CE certification, RoHS certification, CB certification, ENEC certification, ENEC+, UL, SAA certification and so on. They have won the trust of customers with their excellent quality and reliable performance, and provide customers with assured and safe lighting products.

Accessories And Customized Solutions

In addition to efficient and fully certified lighting products, ZGSM also offers a wide range of accessories and related services. Earlier, we talked about lighting simulation; ZGSM are happy to provide customers with the road, sportsfield, parking lot, gas station and other commercial lighting. In addition, they will also consider the related accessories and mounting brackets related to lighting fixtures for their customers. Finally, they can also provide other customized services and customized functions for their products. Personalized services include customized packaging and personalized labels, while customized functions include dimming functions, CLO, NTC, astrodim and NEMA/ZHAGA sockets, etc. 


Get in touch with ZGSM and save energy for tomorrow.

In the field of outdoor lighting, ZGSM has always been a leader and pioneer. Whether it is lighting projects in public places or lighting needs in commercial, industrial, road and other fields, ZGSM can provide you with the highest quality solutions. Choose ZGSM, choose quality, choose professionalism and choose trust. Get in touch with ZGSM and save energy for tomorrow.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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