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Why Chris Perron Believes Every Young Adult Should Start Learning About Loans

There’s no denying the lapses in today’s education system. There are gaps in the materials and lessons, leading to a generation unequipped in the most essential areas. Unfortunately, financial education is one of those areas that have gone missing in the traditional learning pipeline. But people like Chris Perron are on a mission to augment the school system by equipping young professionals on financial principles to help them grow and succeed. 

More particularly, Chris loves talking about loans, something that many people today know little about. The general population thinks about loans as nothing more than borrowing money and paying it back. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Christopher Perron, or better known as Chris to his colleagues, is a Senior Loan Manager and Mortgage Officer in JK Financial Inc. He’s currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The mortgage world seems all too foreign to many Americans. As a result, thousands of thousands of households fall prey to unfavorable interest rates, piles of paperwork, and many issues caused by a lack of education. Many people in real estate and loans now simply fish for clients and get them to take the bait. But that’s not what Chris does. Carefully, he walks all of his customers through the mortgage prospect and treats every conversation as a coaching point. 

Chris wasn’t always in finance and mortgage. Instead, he started in a different industry. For the longest time, he worked in the events and hospitality industry, which taught him the importance of curating experiences that leave a sense of delight in people. “After spending my entire professional career in the hospitality scene in Las Vegas, I recognized the importance of ingenuity and authenticity when it comes to business dealings,” explains Chris Perron. Taking those valuable soft skills, he has applied them to his practice as a mortgage broker. His attention to detail and meticulous nature also shows in his work. “I have made it a priority to familiarize myself with the extensive list of products available to my clients while educating them with the pros and cons of each option,” Chris adds.

Closest to Chris Perron’s heart is the younger adults, who struggle to get by in life because of the financial burdens. A huge chunk of today’s young professionals leaves college with a load of student loan debt. Add to that the rising living costs and the increased rental rates on housing and real estate, and you have a recipe for financial disaster waiting to brew and cook. 

Chris is on a mission to ensure that doesn’t happen. He encourages young adults to start looking into real estate as early as possible, so they don’t end up burning money on rent. For the most part, this isn’t a new strategy, but Chris takes it a step further by providing people with strategies and tactics to get the best mortgage that will provide lower monthly payments and more forgiving interest rates. The more significant problem with people who buy homes on loan isn’t that they don’t do it early enough, but that they rush into mortgages without proper guidance. Perron hopes to change that by showing clients and other industry practitioners that education is the best route. 

By taking this approach to mortgages, Chris hopes to spark hope in his clients and the industry. Learn more about Chris Perron by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

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