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Why The Centurion Pro is Leading the Financial and Business Consultancy Game on the East Coast

There’s a fixed notion around success that in order for one to get a good life, one must work hard enough to earn enough to put food on the table, pay bills, and afford the occasional luxuries in life. But The Centurion Pro argues otherwise. The company’s sole mission is to help people live their best lives through financial literacy and leveraging credit. Trusted by tens of thousands of clients across the country, the company is indeed a force to reckon with. 

Founded four years ago by visionary and serial entrepreneur Mihir Khedkar, The Centurion Pro specializes in helping people with good credit reach financial literacy and financial freedom by leveraging on their established relationships with global financial institutions. Together with his team, Mihir designed a business model centered around fulfilling the needs of their clients. Their efficient method ensures that clients secure personal or business funding on their own at zero percent interest for up to two years and even deliver results within 24 to 72 hours in most cases, making it one of the top five growing business consulting companies on the east coast. 

“We are a result-based company, and unlike most companies, we offer affordable prices for anyone who wants to level up their life,” the CEO explained. Since they opened in the year 2018, Mihir and his team have helped over 20,000 people across the United States. He has played an instrumental role in helping each one of them build a pathway to generational wealth. “We are proud to say that The Centurion Pro is not like your typical or average company. We prioritize clients over transactions,” Mihir said. 

The CEO has a vast background in underwriting for some of the largest financial institutions in the world and has also worked for collections companies. Bringing his expertise, experience, and resources, he has made it his mission to help people rise above their challenging financial situations and gain financial freedom. The serial entrepreneur is an expert in leveraging credit, as he has been doing so in funding his many ventures across industries, such as real estate and car rentals. Mihir also funded startups, helped business owners, and progressively helped big businesses gain multiple seven and eight figures a year.

Today, with The Centurion Pro, Mihir has helped Fortune 500 companies by equipping them with strategies to increase their profits using the right kind of debt obtained at zero percent interest. Mihir and his team are known for bringing results in two weeks at extremely affordable prices. They are able to get ten to 20 times more than the average funding company and remove any inquiries within 24 hours. 

“What motivated me to build this brand was to escape the rat race and the 99% thinking that the only way to make good money was to get a good job,” Mihir said. “I became a multi-millionaire at the age of 22. I am a keynote speaker who travels the world, teaching and inspiring all entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I’m here to tell everyone that the American dream is alive and well.”

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