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Why You Should Go to LV Exotic Rentals if You Are in Las Vegas

LV Exotic Rentals is a Las Vegas based car rental company founded by Athena Kavis and Mohammed Shakaoat. Moe and Athena are seasoned entrepreneurs who have both built multiple successful businesses in their career. LV Exotic Rentals is an exotic and luxury car rental company that carries a diverse selection of high end vehicles. Taking a trip to LV Exotic Rentals and renting one of their exclusive cars is a must for anyone who wants to experience Las Vegas with the car of their dreams.

Passionate Team

LV Exotic Rentals was created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Athena and Moe are both passionate about exotic vehicles and see LV Exotic Rentals as more than just a way to profit. LV Exotic Rentals is about providing an unforgettable experience for every client. Some car rental companies operate using questionable business tactics to get more money like over-insuring vehicles or charging extra money for scratches and dents that were already there. Moe and Athena believe in doing business the right way and ensure that all of LV Exotic Rentals policies are transparent and easy to understand for clients.

First Class Experience

At LV Exotic Rentals clients are given consultative white glove service so clients can smoothly rent vehicles without any hassle.The different services and additional packages offered at LV Exotic Rentals aren’t found at most car rental companies. These include remote rental capabilities, concierge services, post rental cleaning, and unlimited mileage add ons. With remote renting it has never been easier to rent high end cars than it is with LV Exotic Rentals. Other services provided like cleaning and prepaid fuel add ons making the drop off process straightforward and easy. Clients consistently leave 5 star reviews because of how satisfied they are with the customer service, cars, and experience.

Hottest Cars In Las Vegas

If you are looking for the most sought after and well maintained exotic rental cars in Las Vegas, look no further than LV Exotic Rentals. Moe and Athena started with one single Tesla and have since grown LV Exotic Rentals to have one of the most diverse and high end fleets in Las Vegas. The first rate mechanic team at LV Exotic Rentals is vigilant about regular maintenance so you can enjoy your rental stress free.  To meet the needs of every client, LV Exotic Rentals carries coupes, convertibles, sedans, and SUVs. Whether you need a two seater to cruise down The Strip, or a 4 door SUV to drive your family around in style, LV Exotic Rentals has you covered. Not only do Athena and Moe offer diverse vehicle selection, but they also offer affordable pricing so more people have the opportunity to enhance their Las Vegas trip with a high end ride.

Learn More  To learn more about LV Exotic Rentals or inquire about renting a car click here.

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