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Rescuing of Hybrids in Alaska

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When we hear the word “wolf,” many of us think of the big bad wolf from popular fairy tales. However, the truth about wolves and wolf dogs is much more complex and fascinating than what we’ve been led to believe. Lori Wynn and her organization, Guardians of the Wolves, are dedicated to dispelling myths about these incredible animals and promoting awareness on their conservation.

Guardians of the Wolves is a non-profit organization that advocates for wolf education, conservation, rescue, and wolf dog rescue and education. They have over 50 years of combined experience and are the only organization that does it all – from advocacy and education to rescue.

Recently, Lori was contacted by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service about a unique situation in a small village in Alaska. A wild male wolf had mated with a domestic dog, producing hybrids that are illegal to own in Alaska. Lori and her team knew they had to act quickly to rescue these animals, or they would be euthanized or sent to a sanctuary.

The journey to Alaska was not an easy one. The Guardians of the Wolves’ rescue response team traveled over 8,000 miles by plane, van, and boat to reach the village and collect the hybrids. These hybrids are first-generation crosses between pure wolves and dogs, and they are called wolf dogs or wolf hybrids.

The team made it to the village by way of boat, and the owners of these extraordinary animals met them in the harbor. The hybrids were so loved and well taken care of by their Alaskan families that it was heartbreaking to remove them from their homes. However, Lori and her team knew that they had to save them from being euthanized or sent to a sanctuary.

The journey back was difficult for the hybrids, as they suffered from seasickness on the boat ride due to crashing waves and high winds. However, they made it to the lower 48 states, where they found loving homes with experienced owners.

For Lori and her team, rescuing these hybrids was not just about saving animals – it was also about promoting awareness on wolves and wolf dogs. Guardians of the Wolves believes that preservation comes through education, and they are dedicated to sharing the truth about these misunderstood animals.

In reality, both wolves and wolf dogs are sweet, loving animals that make amazing companions. They bring healing, love, and joy to those who understand and dedicate their lives to them. However, there is a war on wolves in many states, including Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Alaska. Even protected wolves in Yellowstone have been killed this season.


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Guardians of the Wolves believes that wolves are a keystone species and are crucial to our environment. They are working hard to promote awareness on their conservation and dispel myths about these incredible creatures.

In conclusion, Lori Wynn and Guardians of the Wolves are doing important work to rescue and advocate for wolves and wolf dogs. Their recent rescue in Alaska highlights the need for education and understanding about these misunderstood animals. By working to dispel myths and promote conservation, they are helping to ensure a brighter future for these incredible creatures.

To learn more about their organization and support their mission, visit their website at or follow them on social media at Guardian of the Wolves.

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