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Xclusively Elle Establishes Own Radio Station to Host Open Conversations and Celebrate a Love of Life

Xclusively Elle capitalizes on her career as a radio personality and artist to pursue her lifelong passion for celebrating life to the fullest. By subverting all limitations, she inspires her audience to dream and discover how far they can go.

Xclusively Elle, born LaVeatra Hood, is a Seattle native. According to Elle, her hometown is a significant part of her identity and an ideal environment for developing talent. Her given name, tracing back to French and Latin origins, translates to, “for the love of life.” It is a fitting name that encapsulates her life’s essence. Any observer would attest that love of life characterizes Elle’s personal and professional endeavors.

In 2015, LaVeatra shot and released a freelance piece that garnered much attention and won an award. This project, which was shot using her cellphone, was an early manifestation of LaVeatra’s firm grasp on maximizing the potential of technology. It also revealed her inclination for innovative solutions. This series of events led her to join the radio team at KKSH206.1, where she hosted a show called, “Soulfood Sundays.” As a radio host, LaVeatra penned her radio tag, Xclusively Elle.

“Soulfood Sundays” later won the “Best Buzz Media” award at the Seattle Sound Music Awards in 2016. A year later, Xclusively Elle launched her own radio station XEEX97.4. The station currently runs under both the KryKey and Anchor Networks. In 2018, Elle became the co-anchor on “She Ready Radio” with KKNW 1150AM Talk Radio.

Keeping up the momentum of her career, Xclusively Elle would later partner with Diva Ebony Brinson, and their shared podcast, “Beat Street Divas,” is already on its third season. Her station has gone through a similar upward trajectory. XEEX97.4 has ranked number three in the Indie Genre and number 24 overall.

Xclusively Elle uses her radio station as a platform for conversations that may be uncomfortable for many people. With her approachable personality, Elle deftly navigates through these challenging discussions and promotes an open forum. Her authenticity and openness are a welcome divergence from the culture of dismissing opinions and risking reputations.

Growing up, Xclusively Elle witnessed her mother juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet. Despite the growing number of diversity programs, Elle herself has experienced altering her appearance to secure employment in the corporate world. These defining moments in her past motivated Elle to create her own opportunities to live vivaciously and free.

As a radio personality, CEO, and artist, Xclusively Elle knows firsthand how much drive, motivation, and hardship is necessary for a person to excel. Elle has subverted the limitations imposed by society and has exceeded all expectations. The theme of celebrating a “love of life” runs throughout her entire journey, and she is only getting started. Her company’s growth will soon require her to hire employees and build a brick-and-mortar to support her station.

Xclusively Elle hopes that her audience will learn the power of dreaming. Any person who claims to have a “love of life” will not be content unless they enrich their lives with dreams of self-improvement. However, these dreams must be coupled with the courage and diligence to try so people can discover how far they can go.

To learn more about Xclusively Elle and her radio station XEEX97.4, please visit her website.

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