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XinFin Collaborates With DIMO to Elevate the Blockchain Industry and Brings Rakuza to the Platform

The advent of the digital space has kick-started a wide variety of commercial initiatives. From developing state-of-the-art services to revolutionizing industries, the digital realm has enabled various trades to grow, allowing entrepreneurs and enterprises to expand themselves massively in their respective fields. One force that is born out of technology’s emergence is the rise of blockchain projects. Ever since the trade has gained popularity, authorities have been dipping their toes into the scene. However, not all blockchain projects receive considerable praise across industries.

While blockchain projects hold a promising power to shake up any industry, handling and managing such a highly complicated trade has its ups and downs. XinFin, an emerging name across the digital space, is intimately aware of the challenges that come with establishing a blockchain project.

XinFin is a hybrid blockchain platform that is built to modernize the global trade and finance sector through an accessible, efficient, and highly versatile decentralized infrastructure solution. It is designed to complement the legacy financial ecosystem by providing a permission blockchain, which governmental institutions, enterprises, and private firms can use to overhaul their tech stack and power a range of novel use cases. XDC is the official fuel token of the XinFin network, which is used for paying transaction fees and smart contract operations, much like how Ethereum’s Ether or ETH works. The fuel token can also be staked to participate in XinFin’s validator network and for deploying smart contracts.

While XinFin has already held a promising stance on its own, it would not have reached impressive heights had it not been for its collaboration with DIMO, an agency that helps blockchain projects grow their communities and brand awareness among crypto enthusiasts and investors. As a matter of fact, when DIMO assisted XinFin through influencer collaborations, community growth campaigns, open community management for XDC, the hybrid blockchain platform has reached an industry-shaking growth of over 54% in a month. On top of that, DIMO has been pivotal in increasing both the platform’s community awareness and liquidity. As a result, XinFin has managed to solidify its stance across the digital space despite the odds stacked against it.

True enough, DIMO has carved a success-enabling path for XinFin throughout its lifetime. While the blockchain platform’s victory is a feat in itself, DIMO has taken pride in its capacity to drive entities forward since 2016. From its growth accelerator programs to its community-building strategies, DIMO has proven worthy of its stellar reputation across the industry. DIMO also assists new projects to raise funds via debt and equity instruments via institutional funds, holds ICO for projects, and does what they do the best, which is to get the project off the ground. In addition, DIMO will be launching the very first NFT marketplace on the chain in the early quarter of 2022 and is looking for project partners in the European, North American, and Asian markets, as they want to expand their bases into these markets.

“This, of course, was a joint effort between DIMO and the amazing team at XinFin,” shared the company spokesperson. By launching the most significant blockchain projects in 2021, more can be expected from DIMO in the years to come.

As XinFin and DIMO continue to collaborate, the power duo hopes to become more successful in delivering results. On top of that, they also aim to create more innovative breakthroughs, particularly kick-starting a wide array of blockchain projects that will revolutionize the industry in the coming years.

DIMO also facilitated the migration of RAKUZA to the XinFin network. RAKUZA is a marketplace specializing in the NFT of anime cell images, which are no longer newly created due to the transition of the Japanese animation industry. RAKUZA makes it possible for you to have “owning rights” to famous and memorable scenes that are now considered valuable cultural assets.

RAKUZA will appropriately manage and store real works of art with appraisals and certifications, and further convert them into digital data (NFTs) using blockchain, thereby solidifying them as objects with real value as an asset and enabling the exchange of this value around the world.

“In order to protect and cultivate Japanese culture for future generations, we must create a new market for anime cels that focuses on enhancing their value as art, while at the same time protecting these works as cultural assets. We must not create another situation where Japanese anime cells are discarded and forgotten the same way ukiyo-e were,” the company said.

In the future, they hope to further expand and develop with the understanding of the copyright holder. By creating NFTs of anime cells and appropriately managing and storing the original artworks, they believe they will be able to protect the rights of all stakeholders, and thereby contribute to the preservation and development of Japanese anime culture as a whole.

“We hope that RAKUZA will lead to the creation of a new economic zone that protects, cultivates, and even enhances the value of Japanese pop culture and the creators who engage in it, so that we can realize this vision for the world and for the future.”

To know more about XinFin, you may check out its website. You may also visit DIMO’s website and Twitter account for more details.

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