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Yael Transportation Company Founders Uncover Secrets and Struggles behind Their Success

Most people have an extremely difficult time starting businesses or finding employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many homes and families still struggle to make ends meet even after two years of dealing with the crisis. Sheldon and Tammi Moore, the co-founders of Yael Transportation, LLC, are examples of those who have overcome and are more than adamant in inspiring others to keep pursuing their dreams.

Yael Transportation is an education company that teaches people how to launch their own transportation companies. It is an organization behind The Box Truck Coach, a program that develops truckerpreneurs by advising and educating their students on the fundamentals of starting and growing trucking business. It also teaches how to start providing dispatching and dispatch training services.

In less than three years, the dynamic combination of Sheldon and Tammi Moore has born an undisputed leader in a specialized sector of a billion-dollar industry. The enterprise offers a wide range of services, such as freight delivery, business counseling, training, and dispatching. The company and its founders are prime examples of success in the cargo/sprinter van and box trucking industries.

The Box Truck Coaches have built a national following and a reputation of competence in the industry, which has helped the firm take off. In addition to being devoted to giving back via their ministry and assisting others in the trucking profession to flourish, Sheldon and Tammi are grateful to God for expanding their region. More than 500 truckerpreneur enterprises have been launched since the pandemic through the program.

Sheldon, better known by his stage name as Coach Sheldon, spent 20 years as a top auto salesperson before starting his trucking career. After operating 18-wheelers for various businesses, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial passion and started Yael Transportation. He believes a person’s work ethic is crucial to succeeding in any industry. “Be on time while picking up and delivering freight,” expresses Sheldon. “Being on time is being late, according to my old saying, while being 30 minutes early is being on time.”

Sheldon works alongside Tammi, an effective healthcare executive who has worked for large pharmaceutical firms. Before starting in the trucking industry, she had never thought about being part of the transportation business. Tammi started WJMR Transportation with Sheldon’s assistance and currently works for Yael as the CFO, overseeing the company’s finances, operations, marketing, and personnel.

The expertise the Truck Coaches provide distinguishes them from other programs. Aside from their tried-and-true coaching modules, they stand out from the crowd due to their extensive know-how. In addition, they have been renowned as enthusiastic people who are highly relational to their clientele since they founded their trucking company.

Tammi and Sheldon strongly believe in the impact of grit and resilience on a person’s quality of life. They feel that people should never give up, no matter how difficult life may be. The dynamic team, however, did not experience instant success. They, like all businesspeople, faced some of life’s most difficult challenges. But the duo knew that working together was a significant obstacle. Despite all the hardships, the two have become strong forces in the trucking business and continue to build successful truckpreneurs around them.

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