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Yevgeniy Kim: “Impossible” is a word that doesn’t exist in his vocabulary!

Yevgeniy Kim
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Many people aspire to start their own business, but some are held back by the fear of failure, while others are afraid of the challenges that lie ahead and find plenty of reasons to avoid changing anything in their lives. As Socrates once said, “He who wants to act finds opportunities, he who does not want to act finds excuses.” Our hero, Yevgeniy Kim, a successful businessman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  Redyl LLC, always acts and seeks opportunities to develop his business.

Can you tell us how you became a businessman?

I was a curious and sociable child who loved to read books, especially about business and outstanding businessmen of the past and present. I pondered and analyzed what I read for a long time. Even then, I understood that having just one idea for creating an effective business was not enough. Its founder must possess a whole set of personal qualities that will help him manage business processes and a team, directing it towards achieving goals. I acquired such qualities thanks to regular sports training. Endurance, willpower, character, and self-discipline are just a small part of the skills that give a huge advantage in various spheres of life, especially in business.

In my senior years of school, I started to work part-time and managed to save enough money to open my own business after graduating. It was a retail store for children’s clothing, which I opened in 2005 in my hometown of Kaskelen.

Do you immediately choose trade as your business direction?

Initially, I dreamed of developing a tourism business in Kazakhstan, as we have a very beautiful country with many places that I would like to show to the world. That’s why I enrolled in Turan University in Almaty to study management in tourism. However, when my store started to generate good profits, I decided to further promote the trading business.

What steps did you take to successfully manage and develop your business?

I started actively studying all the intricacies and specifics of the market, trying different business strategies. I found my first partners from China and opened a small wholesale store in the city of Almaty. My intuition didn’t fail me. And as the business began to develop successfully, I hired a good team and significantly expanded the range of products. In 2009, I went to China to study the Chinese market from the inside. I spent two years studying at Beijing Language and Culture University, specializing in “Business Chinese.” After returning home, I got married and continued to develop wholesale trade, which needed reliable suppliers and high-quality products, fast logistics, and customs clearance. This is what I did. In addition, I built the company’s structure, and in order to optimize warehouse processes and simplify control over them, I automated warehouse accounting.

What happened to retail trade?

In 2012, I launched a chain of retail stores. It should be understood that retail trade is very different from wholesale. Here, advertising and marketing play a big role, which had to be worked on a lot. I developed the design of the store interiors myself, studied effective methods of displaying goods. I also worked on staff development, held team-building events, developed a system of staff motivation, and established accounting and control, which gave results.

You currently live in the United States. What prompted you to change your country of residence and what do you do here?

I had long dreamed of building a business in the world’s first economy. In 2020, my family finally decided to move. We spent a year studying the market, considering and calculating various business options where I could realize myself to the maximum. As a result, I decided to focus on trading on Amazon. I underwent training, selected a strategy, and launched the business.

What are your proudest achievements in business?

When it comes to the financial aspect, which is the goal of any business, there are several significant achievements that can be mentioned. In Kazakhstan, my company is one of the leading ones in terms of turnover, which amounts to 2.0 million dollars per year, and the number of regular customers is over 1000, many of whom have grown from small online stores into large networks. Retail trade serves approximately 7300 customers per month. In the United States, we served over 16,000 customers in the first year, with sales volume reaching 1.5 million dollars.

As for the mission that reflects the purpose and positioning of the business, I can say this: what I do in Kazakhstan is a contribution to the country’s economy, as wholesale business development supports small businesses. In addition, I have received numerous letters and awards from the state for my contribution to the country’s economy. Also, my business is beneficial to society, in particular to parents who can provide their children with quality children’s clothing and shoes thanks to a wide range of products and affordable prices. In the United States, by trading on the largest platform Amazon, we provide customers with a huge selection of products that they cannot find in nearby stores, and at the same time, convenience (home delivery), security, and reliability (buyer protection).

Do you really speak so easily about your business and achievements? Is it really that easy to succeed in business and keep it afloat?

The key to success lies within the individual. It is necessary to constantly work on oneself, to learn, to improve oneself, to cultivate financial literacy, to experiment and take risks. It is important to know and adhere to the laws of business. One of the main focuses is on continuous development.

Of course, not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. Just like in sports, victories in business do not come without defeats. One is constantly faced with various problems: there were times when suppliers let us down or provided substandard products, there were times when goods were held up at the border. There were often problems with personnel, which took years to build a strong team. The country’s economic crisis also had an impact. Unfortunately, we also experienced significant losses. One of our retail stores caught fire, resulting in losses of over $200,000. But we overcame it. I believe that overcoming failures is also a success.

You mentioned personal qualities gained through sports. What sport was that?

Sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From ages 6 to 12, I practiced taekwondo (earning a black belt), and then switched to freestyle wrestling and judo. I won district and city championships. While studying in China, I practiced Tai Chi Chuan (a form of Wushu) and nunchaku, and competed in major student competitions. Since 2016, I have been practicing “23” power yoga, attending special seminars, and since 2018, I have added Ashtanga yoga and running to my routine (having run marathons and won many medals). I continue to stay active in sports in the United States, where I earned my black belt in Taekwondo, learned Krav Maga, and achieved coaching certification. I also attend various business training and seminars to this day.

It would be interesting to hear about your achievements in family life.

My family consists of my beloved wife Laura and our adored children Diana (10 years old), Evelina (8 years old), and Richard (6 years old). I want to say that family is the most valuable thing for any normal person. For me, it is important that love, harmony, and understanding prevail in my family. It is also important to maintain the financial well-being of my loved ones. To achieve this, I work hard and continue to develop myself.

What advice can you give to readers who dream of starting their own business?

First, eliminate the word “impossible” from your vocabulary. Do not be afraid to start. Put in the effort. Learn to do everything right. And you will definitely realize your dream and achieve success.

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