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Young Australians Are Escaping Hustle Culture Through Property Investment Done The Dashdot Way

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With the pace of economic shifts and financial situations happening all over the world, young Australians are more pressured than ever before to succeed. The hustle culture phenomenon has become pervasive, with extended hours and intense competition the norm in many workplaces.

This culture of overwork and striving for success can have serious negative effects on the mental and physical health of young Australians, leaving them feeling burnt out and unfulfilled.

Joel, a young professional in Australia, is in this exact predicament, in addition to suffering under the 9-5 corporate culture. As a smart millennial hoping for a more dynamic and meaningful life, he opted to let his money do most of the work for him – hence, the start of his journey in property investments.

Joel turned to Dashdot to help him make his first step toward financial independence.

Solving the problem the Dashdot way

Joel had zero experience or knowledge about the real estate market. Though he knows property investment is the way to achieve his goals, he needs to figure out where to start or what to do.

“I was stuck with not knowing how to choose an area appropriately or what factors I needed to look at. Additionally, this was the first property I ever bought, so I had no idea of what steps were involved,” Joel shares.

This is where Dashdot’s expertise came in. As a Property Portfolio Growth Partner, they have consolidated every part of the property investment buying experience for Joel.

“We handle every step of the process – from sourcing and securing to settlement, we handle all the grunt work that people just don’t want to deal with,” says Jason D’Silva, Head of Client Success.

Dashdot also understands that property investing is full of misinformation in today’s digital world, with a lot of contradictory advice and projected fear for young people to navigate. Their technology is created to be usable by all. “We are extremely passionate about creating accessibility and seamless experiences for wealth building through property investment,” Co-founder Gabi Billing adds.  

Going above and beyond

With Dashdot’s seamless and attentive communication, they made it very clear what Joel needs to achieve – acquire two properties each year, a yield of at least 6.5% for each of his properties, and a set-it-and-forget-it stream of income.

From there, Dashdot took over, with excellence at the top of my mind. Through their proprietary technology and how they view things on a macro and micro level, they can assess the best opportunities from every angle.

This strategy enabled them to achieve more than what Joel originally planned. Joel’s first property with Dashdot was purchased at $300,000.

Twenty-two months after the purchase the property’s value grew by 30% with a gross yield of 6.9% and a return on investment of 158.94%. This smart purchase enabled Joel to have a total money growth of $90,000 since the purchase.

Joel shares, “Dashdot completely supported me with every little step, from start to finish and ongoing. They did not only help me understand all the steps involved, but they managed to provide me with a valuable property, and I had tenants almost immediately after settlement.”

Joel bought a second property with Dashdot for $260,000. In just 9 months the property value grew by 13.46% with a gross yield of 6.6% and a return on investment of 61.04%.

This purchase grew Joel’s money by 65k since buying the property.

Pioneering freedom with Dashdot

Joel exemplifies the aspirations of numerous young individuals today who seek to make informed choices regarding their time, finances, and prospects. His dissatisfaction with the absence of work-life balance in the corporate sphere resonates with many young professionals. Dashdot acknowledges their desire to liberate themselves from the conventional 9-5 routine and pursue their passions while constrained by fiscal responsibilities and societal norms.

By prioritizing education, support, and technology-driven solutions, Dashdot ensures that individuals are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals. This innovative approach fosters long-term financial stability and promotes a sense of personal fulfillment and well-being among young Australians.

Dashdot has devised an innovative approach to achieving accelerated returns through intelligent and lucrative property investments to address this issue. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and providing unparalleled client service, they aim to generate more success stories akin to Joel’s experience.

This, in turn, will enable a growing number of young Australians to attain a greater sense of autonomy and control over their lives. As more individuals like Joel reap the benefits of Dashdot’s strategic guidance and industry expertise, the organization continues to reaffirm its commitment to transforming the property investment experience.

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