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“Your Honor, Your Honor” memoir bags the prestigious Goody Business Book Award in the “Self-Help – Inspiration” category

“YOUR HONOR YOUR HONOR: A Journey Through Grief to Restorative Justice” is a powerful and inspiring memoir written by Judge Leonia Lloyd. This award-winning book chronicles Judge Lloyd’s journey to becoming a champion of restorative justice and her efforts to address substance abuse and promote positive change in her community. 

The 2022 Annual Goody Business Book Awards has recognized 111 winners and finalists in its 45 categories, covering a range of subjects, including health, wealth, self-help, business, leadership, entrepreneurship and technology. The awards, which celebrate 100% social impact authors, received hundreds of nominations from around the world and were judged by a panel of marketing and communications professionals based on book quality and impact. Among the winners and finalists are multiple awardees in popular categories, as the judges were impressed by the high caliber of submissions. All winners and finalists are considered to be on equal footing, with no ranking among them.  

The Goody Business Book Awards are a testament to the power of the written word to inspire and transform and recognize the important contributions of authors who are making a positive impact on society. 

Throughout her career, Judge Lloyd has dedicated herself to helping marginalized individuals overcome addiction and turn their lives around. Where the system saw lost causes subject to the penal code, she saw worthy intakes into her program.  

As a judge, she frequently utilized her influence to stop the epidemic of abuse, addiction, and violence afflicting Detroit’s streets. In the 36th District Court in Michigan, she has implemented innovative programs such as Project Fresh Start. Project Fresh Start was expanded into a system, in collaboration with the sheriff’s department, which offers training and advancement opportunities to repeat offenders instead of traditional punishment. She has also made a significant impact on the lives of school children, college students, and law students through her Judges Leona and Leonia Lloyd Twins for Justice Endowed Scholarship Fund. 

In an interview with Detroit Public TV, She likens her work with drug addicts and prostitutes as one of the most important things she had ever done on the bench in an interview with Detroit public TV. 

She mentions that her trainees in her program experience radical change that she attributes to God working wonders in her courtroom. According to Judge Leonia, former drug addicts in her programs randomly enthuse that dope houses won’t sell them drugs once they know they attend her program.

Some people went from surviving on food from trash cans to finishing Project Fresh Start and reaching the stars. Many obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees that allowed them to work as registered nurses and substance misuse counselors. The graduates who were not academically inclined and who saw no boundaries in their aspirations and desires went on to earn lucrative “essential employee” professions like “long haul truckers.”  

However, Judge Lloyd could not leave out Veterans who were suffering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as PTSD after serving their country. Not accepting the administration’s denial of her request for a veteran’s program,  a year later, she convinced the court administration to allow her to implement the Veterans’ Treatment program. She created a 15-month program, and she partnered with the Veterans Administration and got the Veterans the help they needed with addiction treatment, PTSD therapy and job training, employment and housing. This is unequivocal proof that Judge Lloyd’s influence spreads throughout the Great Lakes State. 

In “YOUR HONOR, YOUR HONOR,” Judge Lloyd shares her personal story and the lessons she has learned from her experiences working with the justice system.  

Your Honor, Your Honor chronicles her life experiences, including her relationship with her twin, her struggles against racism, her account of the grieving process, and her stride toward justice.

After the loss of her twin sister, Leonia was in the storm of her life, lost and alone, and sadness had a firm grasp on her. She prayed to God for direction, and he heard her. Her life experiences are detailed in Your Honor, Your Honor, including her bond with her twin, her battles with racism, her account of the grief process, and her pursuit of justice.

She offers insights and guidance on how to promote restorative justice and build a better future for all members of the community. With its powerful message of hope and redemption, “YOUR HONOR YOUR HONOR” is a must-read for anyone seeking to make a positive impact in the world. 

The award-winning book is more than just a memoir; it is a call to action for everyone who believes in the power of restorative justice and the possibility of transformation. Judge Lloyd’s book not only tells the inspiring story of her own journey but also provides practical tips and strategies for anyone looking to make a difference in their own community.  

Whether you are a justice system professional, a community leader, or simply someone looking for inspiration, “YOUR HONOR, YOUR HONOR” has something to offer. Through its message of hope and practical advice, this award-winning book is a must-read for anyone who wants to create a more just and compassionate world in this time and age.

Her book has not only won the Good Business Book award but numerous awards, including The Book Excellence Award and The Independent Press Award. For more info, you can go to

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