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Zane Landin, the Purpose-Driven Mental Health, Disability Rights, and Body Positivity Advocate Behind PositiveVibes Magazine

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with pouring one’s time, resources, and heart into a pursuit in order to secure a financially stable future, it’s highly inspirational and impressive when people find the balance between building a personal portfolio that benefits themselves and engaging in initiatives that make a difference in the lives of others and communities. Zane Landin, the purpose-driven go-getter at the helm of PositiveVibes Magazine, is among today’s rising names. An advocate for mental health, disability rights, and body positivity, he is banking on his influence to drive change. 

Hailing from California, Zane Landin has always been intrigued by the power of stories and their role in creating an inclusive world. Armed with the knowledge that authentic narratives can help raise awareness about causes and foster them, he established PositiveVibes Magazine, a digital magazine dedicated to telling stories about mental health, wellness, and inspiration. 

“Storytelling is powerful, and we must see more authentic stories reflected in the media,” shared Zane Landin. “Once stories are told, an organic ripple effect will transform pain and adversity into purpose. The world’s consciousness will naturally elevate when we tell stories that drive awareness and empathy. All groups deserve more media representation, but I would like to see a focus on mental health and disability communities to challenge the narrative and build that bridge of understanding.”

So far, PositiveVibes Magazine has featured over eighty voices, reached thousands of readers from over 150 countries, and gained 22,000 followers across its social media accounts. Under the guidance of Zane Landin, it dove deep into various topics and prompted conversations about what matters. 

Apart from spearheading the efforts of PositiveVibes Magazine, Zane Landin is also leading Landing Dreams PR. This consulting business works with media and mental health advocates whose establishment aligns with his passion for shedding light on and promoting mental health. “We can’t just expect the media to tell these stories. We need to infiltrate their system by elevating the voices of underrepresentation and changing the landscape of other forms of media.”

For years, Zane Landin had to deal with his fair share of mental health issues and learn to accept his body amid pressures to conform to beauty standards. “I struggled to accept my body due to a culture prioritizing people who fit in the traditional mold of having a specific body,” he added. “Beauty goes beyond that, and I’m slowly learning to accept that.”

Highly cognizant of the debilitating impact of mental health conditions, Zane Landin sought to contribute to a world that welcomes, allows for, and celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and positivity. While he continues to contend with body issues, he is now treating himself more kindly, an attitude he hopes to emphasize through his platforms. 

The Cal Poly Pomona graduate, a queer rights activist, entrepreneur, and speaker aims to make more giant waves in the coming years. Through PositiveVibes Magazine and Landing Dreams PR, Zane Landin intends to drive home the importance of mental health and highlight several other critical issues, including disability rights and body positivity. 

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