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ZED Studio’s Zane Erickson Brings Empathetic Design to Life

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Sourced photo

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Have you ever gotten a haircut you just hated because instead of following your vision, the hairdresser decided to impose their own style on you? Although a haircut and custom home design may seem like vastly different experiences, there are surprising similarities between the two. In both cases, if the person providing the service does not take the time to understand your wants and needs and channel your inspiration, the end result will leave you feeling extremely disappointed. 

ZED Studio recognizes the value of active listening and collaboration when it comes to designing a home that truly embodies your personality and lifestyle. Just as a skilled hairdresser takes the time to comprehend your vision and then employs their expertise to bring it to life, ZED Studio takes the time to build a personal connection with you. They ask questions about your passions, hobbies, and daily routines, which enables them to gain a deeper understanding of you as an individual. By doing so, ZED Studio is able to create not only aesthetically pleasing and well-laid-out homes, but also emotionally evoking spaces that tell the story of the people who reside there and ignite the soul.

ZED Studio’s design philosophy is truly revolutionary to the luxury home industry. By prioritizing empathetic design, they have transformed how custom home design is approached. If you’re looking for a firm that places you at the forefront of their work, then ZED Studio is the perfect choice.

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