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Actress, Entrepreneur, and Mother Adrienne Alitowski Writes Compelling Memoir Documenting Her Experience with Product Invention During Challenging Economic Times

From her beginnings as an actress, Adrienne Alitowski has always had the drive and passion to pursue her every venture. Alitowski was a former Broadway actress and has several television credits including Will & Grace, Just Shoot Me, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Beverly Hills 90210

Her drive for success most certainly wasn’t hindered when she had her first son, Eli, and began experiencing the beautiful venture that is motherhood. Motherhood to some may be a moment to slow things down and take a breath to focus on the present moment, which has its own challenges, from sleepless nights to crying babies, but for Alitowksi, this was the moment she was able to pursue yet another career, far out of her comfort zone. 

As a new mother, learning curves are a huge part of everyday life, and for Alitowksi she quickly learned that there was a massive gap in the baby product market, for a product that is so simple, yet impactful not only for parents but babies as alike. 

This was when Alitowksi had the idea to launch her very own business, blankyclip. Blankyclip focuses on creating childsafe, aesthetically pleasing baby blanket clips which can be utilized to hold blankets up to strollers while on walks. 

The simple yet thoughtful product was a major success and Alitowski sold blankyclips nationally in Buy Buy Baby and boutiques across the nation. blankyclip was further recognized as a Top Pick in publications such as Fit Pregnancy and LA Parent Magazine and The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded her three utility patents and a trademark for blankyclip.

While the journey to product launch may sound simple, there are far more twists and turns in Alitowski’s experience with product development, which are documented in her book, Clipped: A mom invents a way to hold her life together just as the world falls apart

Clipped is a memoir that takes readers through an immersive experience enabling them to feel fully engaged in Alitowski’s struggles with product launch and development during The Great Recession. 

From candid conversations about fertility to understanding product invention from the inside out in China, Clipped takes readers back to 2008 and allows them to understand what the Recession was truly like for small business owners. 

I always felt like I had forever to start a family but when I heard about infertility issues from women around me, I suddenly snapped out of that fantasy and shifted my focus entirely. The stress of getting pregnant at an older age was a complete surprise to me, and I wish I had been advised correctly on fertility. However, I am forever grateful for the opportunities that arose as a result of becoming a mother, as I was entirely able to understand my capabilities as a woman, a mom, and an entrepreneur. It was empowering to navigate through both roles as a mother and entrepreneur, knowing that I had to learn everything myself,” says Alitowski. 

These experiences and her decision to launch a business during a trying economic time period for Americans led her down a path to write Clipped which encourages readers to stick to their vision and be open to developing a new work ethic despite the struggles. 

Alitowsi’s resilience is documented all throughout Clipped taking a humorous and gratifying tone. 

“Be forewarned: when you read Adrienne Alitowski’s new memoir Clipped: A mom

invents a way to hold her life together just as the world falls apart, you may find yourself

literally laughing out loud—or gasping in sudden self-recognition. The author

describes herself with endearing self-deprecation as having become “a crazed mom

with a mission” and readers will surely relate to her feelings—the triumphs, the

disasters, and through it all the ferocious love of an exhausted but indefatigable mom.

CLIPPED is a compellingly relatable memoir.” Rachel Vail: (Best-Selling Author

of Sometimes I’m Bombaloo)

Clipped is available to shop on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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