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Anuj Sarkar: A Glimpse To A Suave Chef Sought-After Among The Londonites

Anuj Sarkar
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Anuj Sarkar has made his place in the hearts of London natives with his extraordinary culinary skills. 

Anuj has gained a large following for his cuisines, with many becoming fans of his cooking. However, he has received high praise from the natives of London as many seats he serves are occupied by Londonites. 

His dishes are delicious and visually stunning, resembling some artwork. His menu boasts a variety of mouthwatering dishes such as Black Pepper Lamb Chop, Basil with Buratta with butter chicken, Japanese Caesar salad, Duck spring rolls and Ginger garlic chicken. 

Black Pepper Lamb Chop, prepared by Anuj Sarkar, is a spicy dish that comes highly recommended. In addition, his serving of Basil with Buratta with Butter Chicken is a must-try for someone seeking a fulfilling meal. 

Another intriguing dish by Anuj called Japanese Caesar Salad combines a surprising umami texture with commendable use of fresh ingredients. 

Anuj’s approach to preparing Duck spring rolls is distinctive; he uses a delicious combination of slow-cooked duck and vegetables, resulting in an exceptional flavour. Notably, his homemade plum coriander sauce perfectly complements the dish. 

For spicy food enthusiasts, mouthwatering Ginger garlic chicken served with udon noodles is a must-have. 

Anuj consistently puts forth efforts to engage with all of his guests, and providing them valuable insights about the ingredients used in the dish is much appreciated. 

He has an impressive track record of pre-opening projects in various Indian states and numerous foreign restaurants, including Mumbai, Jaipur, Dubai and Qatar. 

Anuj has also showcased his extraordinary culinary expertise in Turkey and works at Nemo, a top 10 restaurant in Turkey that the country’s tourism department also features. Nemo offers an elegant atmosphere and a culinary experience, with a breathtaking view of a premium aquarium. 

When asked about his motivation for a successful chef career, he shares that his inspiration comes from everyone around him, including the work and thoughts of his seniors and juniors. However, his biggest inspiration is his guest rush. 

Apart from cooking delicious dishes, he enjoys making paintings that display everything he creates. 

Anuj envisions becoming a restaurant owner as his plan, where he can continue his passion for cooking by serving people.

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