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Chroma World NFT Prepares to Launch Abstract Art Collection That Connects Digital and Physical Art

A person’s perspective, values, and experience all contribute to the unique way they experience art. As a result, one creation may translate differently for each individual, and this is what makes the masterpiece truly powerful. One up-and-coming NFT venture has effectively captured the real essence of art: Chroma World.

For its first season, the remarkable collection includes 9001 NFTs called the “Abstractars,” which are built on the Ethereum blockchain. It features more than 250 hand draw traits, as well as original 1 of 1’s. Each trait will be randomly generated by the algorithm to create one-of-a-kind pieces. The collection will also incorporate abstract art, pixel art, simplistic, clean, greyscale, rare gold traits and many more.

In addition, each design expertly blends the abstract character with beautiful backgrounds, which are the artwork’s highlight and focal point. Each background is hand-created and is all very different from one another, as they come in a variety of styles and colors. 

Evidently, its weird yet captivating abstract pieces are what make the project stand out. Profoundly explaining what motivated them to pursue the concept, its creators shared, “A full abstract collection in this style hasn’t been done in the digital asset space; it pushes the boundaries compared to collections that have been released in the past.”

They went on to add, “Nothing needs to make sense when it comes to expressing your imagination. One of our main goals is to connect digital and physical art, which will be done in a variety of ways.”

Because of its versatile avatars, the venture has captured the attention and interest of all kinds of NFT collectors. The bright, colorful, random art, with no rules, appeals significantly to enthusiasts who are looking for a unique project. As the developers proudly remarked, “It is for people who want something different to what’s currently in the market, but also enjoy the ability to collect pieces with unique traits and their own style, that might suit their personality.”

But aside from its captivating art pieces, Chroma World NFTs also come with amazing utility. For example, each token allows holders to access the “Feature Program,” which helps connect and support creators across the globe. This, in turn, fosters a united community while inspiring people along the way.

Furthermore, the project also pays homage to some of the existing amazing communities in the NFT space. In essence, it can be seen as an extension to one’s previous collection. It seamlessly ties various collections with relatable traits like animals, robots, humans, and pop culture.

Due to its well-thought-out concept and fantastic masterpieces, Chroma World is shaping to be NFT’s next big thing. As such, NFT enthusiasts, art collectors, and other interested parties should be on the lookout as the exciting venture prepares to release its first collection very soon. 

To learn more about Chroma World, check out its website and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. You can also join the community discussion through its dedicated Discord server and Telegram group.

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