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Clarice Kavanaugh Elevates Professionals and Students Through The Kavanaugh Group

Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh is a firm believer of the famous proverb; it is never too late to be what you might have been. The outstanding woman speaks from experience when she says that deciding to go through a career change after 30 years has been one of the best decisions she has ever made. 

After spending most of her professional life in the corporate world, she left her beloved job in the pharmaceutical industry. However, instead of retiring for good, Dr. Clarice felt it was the perfect time for her to rebrand. 

She then began to pursue her other passion – helping people elevate and improve themselves. To do that, she went back to school and took on a new role as a Ph.D. professor for Organizational Leadership. In university, she imparted her expertise in sales, marketing, and training to her students, helping them level up.

In addition, she also founded The Kavanaugh Group, LLC, a sought-after management consulting firm. The venture offers a comprehensive set of services such as executive coaching, performance coaching, conflict management, and compliance training. It also has an excellent program on DEI or diversity, equity and inclusion. Because of this, the business caters to a stellar list of clientele, including law firms, nonprofit foundations, energy companies, school districts, small businesses, and large corporations. 

What inspired the determined woman to create her brand is her dedication to help others succeed. She looks back on her humble beginnings as a single mother and a student who had to work two jobs to sustain herself. She hopes that by sharing her knowledge with others, she can help improve their life the way she elevated hers. 

What makes the impressive individual stand out is her incredible communication skills. She can flawlessly connect with anyone, whether speaking to a company executive or a university student.

On top of that, she possesses the perfect combination of having extensive experience of more than three decades in the corporate world, an extraordinary work ethic, and a passion for helping others. As a result, Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh has helped countless individuals take their careers to the next level by combining her impeccable business analysis skills and strategic abilities.

The mentor connects with her mentees by using a no-nonsense approach that highlights accountability. She ensures to provide the right tools for learning and puts importance on clear learning materials. Not only that, but she also prioritizes building rapport with her students, which effectively increases their awareness, engagement, and motivation to learn.

These top-notch strategies, which foster independent learning, acceptance, and willingness to apply the materials, have catapulted Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh as the authority in organizational development.

Aside from doing meaningful work coaching professionals, she also hosts an inspiring podcast called The Pain of Change with Dr. Clarice, which features a diverse set of guests from epidemiologists to university presidents.

In the foreseeable future, the trainer and entrepreneur sees herself expanding The Kavanaugh Group. She also wishes to reach a broader audience and speak on global platforms. Learn more about Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh and her impressive venture, The Kavanaugh Group, by visiting its official website.

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