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DeLotty NFT Takes the Lottery Industry to the Next Level with Its Blockchain Integration

The past decade has been defined as the genesis of the digital era, and one of the most prominent figures in this new age has been crypto assets. However, while cryptocurrency has pioneered this digital innovation, it gained further momentum by introducing Non-Fungible Tokens. Since its sudden popularity last year, more NFT projects have emerged, each with its own set of unique designs and purposes. Joining the fray is DeLotty NFT, which aims to revolutionize the lottery market.

Long considered one of the most significant contributors to helping people through financial means, the lottery market has seen more growth in the past couple of years and has been forecasted to grow even further. But, while it has its benefits, the traditional lottery has also seen problems and issues.

DeLotty NFT was developed to create a solution on a fully decentralized platform that leverages the advantages of blockchain technology. The technology behind it opens the door for fairer, safer, and more transparent lottery platforms to revolutionize the industry. Blockchain technology enables autonomous decentralized operations with a high level of participants’ gains, transparency, privacy, security, and unity of players worldwide. As a result, DeLotty NFT holders will have the opportunity to benefit from the global transition of the lottery business and become shareholders of the biggest lottery platform to emerge in the Metaverse.

The project is a collection of ERC-721 token standards that consist of 7,777 randomly-generated NFTs, each with its own metadata. DeLotty grants holders the opportunity not only to own a stake in the biggest lottery platform within the Metaverse but also generate passive income for life. The project offers real and tangible benefits for holders with the best value in their investment.

DeLotty offers a practice approach to simplify the online lottery model and fixes its defects by enabling fast, reliable, and disruptive technology to players worldwide with instant payouts, cultivating a culture of trust to a damaged reputation of online lotteries. The project’s launch will allow players around the Metaverse to participate by buying lottery tickets with the possibility of winning minor prizes and even getting a chance to win the jackpot.

Holders will benefit from the free distribution of DLOTs (DeLotty native utility token) and NFTs staked on the platform. The NFTs will accumulate a particular number of DLOTs per day depending on the rarity of the NFT, making them eligible for income distributable to DLOT holders. When the jackpot is drawn, only the NFTs staked on DeLotty’s DeFi platform get 5% of the jackpot distributed. Additionally, each pair of DeLotty NFT can breed a new one, the DeLotty Junior NFT. The only condition is having 2000 DLOT Tokens. The junior NFTs will also have the same benefits as the DeLotty NFT.

DeLotty introduces a community reward program that reconceptualizes the lottery model into a tokenized play-to-earn and hodl-reward initiative and empowers players and inspires them to always be part of the game. With a total supply of 49 million Ethereum blockchain-based DLOT tokens, 30% will be allocated for free distribution among holders and players who stake DLOT on the DeLotty platform with 50% available for sale and will be introduced gradually to eliminate inflation, and 20% locked up for project development.

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