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Demi Howell Revolutionizing the Makeup Industry Through Demiere Cosmetics

Over the years, the beauty and cosmetics space has become one of the most thriving industries. As a result, countless products were introduced, providing people with plenty of choices. However, as the market became more saturated with options, it also became quite difficult for consumers to choose the ones that are suited best for them. Brilliant beauty expert Demi Howell aims to address this challenge through Demiere Cosmetics.

The one-of-a-kind beauty brand takes a minimalistic approach to the seemingly complex process of purchasing and applying makeup. Its primary mission is to provide users with the perfect look that fits their lifestyle.

What motivated founder Demi Howell to start the enterprise is her firsthand experience as a customer. As she candidly reminisced, “When I was a consumer, I would purchase every product known to man. They looked pretty, but I would find myself only using my favorite few and had no idea how to apply them.”

On top of that, the insightful beauty expert believes that doing one’s makeup does not have to be a complicated and lengthy process. She went on to add, “So the why behind Demiere Cosmetics is simple, we want to revolutionize the cosmetics industry by simplifying the process from beginning to end. We create custom looks for our consumers. They deserve to look and feel their best without the hassle of having too many products that they don’t need! Our custom kits give you that convenience factor!”

Staying true to her remarkable vision, the entrepreneur designed multi-functional products which effectively cut down on having too many items. For example, Demiere Cosmetics kits are magnetic and refillable, providing customers with a completely customizable product. This means that users can adjust the palette depending on their looks. The brand also has other items such as concealers, mascara, eyeliners, lip products, and many others.

Aside from creating an excellent line of products, what makes the enterprise stand out is its dedication to helping clients. It has a one-of-a-kind subscription tutorial platform that teaches customers how to use and apply their Demiere Cosmetics makeup. Not only does this innovative approach help customers learn how to apply their makeup with more ease, but it also helps them become more confident in their skills.

Demi Howell believes that being authentic is one of the most important things when it comes to makeup. As she has profoundly shared, “You can have a great look without doing 100 steps to do it. Don’t feel pressured to look like everyone else. Be you, do you! If you only like a very natural look, it’s okay.”

As a testament to her impeccable wisdom, Demiere Cosmetics has become the go-to option for beauty enthusiasts, people on the go and most especially for individuals who want to buy their first makeup kit. Because of this, the brand has become an authority in the cosmetics industry.

Moving forward, Demi Howell and her team are committed to letting customers know that the company cares for them by offering a personalized experience and establishing strong connections. The entrepreneur hopes that by doing this, her company will have more reps all around the country, and her products will be sold by major retailers. 

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