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Dr. Raman Mahabir and Dr. Silvia Kurtovic Joins Tucson Plastic Surgery, Arizona

When surgeries go wrong, it is usually not because of the surgeon handling the procedure or the equipment used. Instead, most of the time failed surgeries stemmed from the cookie-cutter approach that many surgical teams employ, neglecting that every individual has their distinct medical history and health peculiarities. As a result, a procedure that succeeded with Patient A may fail with Patient B. Tucson Plastic Surgery, a cosmetic and plastic surgery facility located in Tucson, Arizona. However, Doctors Raman Mahabir and Silvia Kurtovic are revolutionizing how facilities view and handle plastic surgical procedures.

Noting that plastic and appearance enhancing surgeries can be delicate and prone to complications, the expertise of Dr. Mahabir and Dr. Kurtovic were being sought to help patients, especially breast cancer patients, with services and procedures like breast augmentation, breast implant exchange, breast implant removal, restorative surgery, gynecomastia, and more. Including procedures for other parts of the face and body parts.

Operating out of Tucson, Arizona, Tucson Plastic Surgery is a foremost practice for cosmetic and plastic procedures, especially for breast cancer patients, thanks to its unmatched customer service and state-of-the-art facilities. Built to compete internationally, Tucson Plastic Surgery is a state-certified surgery facility that employs cutting-edge technology to cater to clients and patients from across the United States, Canada and beyond.

Dr. Raman Mahabir is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in Arizona who is  noted for his contribution to the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. In addition to his contribution in the operating room, Mahabir is also credited for engaging government institutions at all levels towards creating a safer surgery procedure for patients. Some of his notable contributions include overseeing the successful passage of the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act, which was signed into law in 2015 and the ongoing Breast Implant Illness bill, which is close to becoming a law—known for his empathetic approach towards his patients, Dr. Mahabir as the 20017-2018 Plastic Surgery Foundation’s Visiting Professor. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Silvia Kurtovic is best known for her particularly empathetic approach to each patient and getting to connect with them physically and emotionally. She is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who made a name for herself in Austin, Texas, while running her private practice before relocating to Tucson.

Both Dr. Mahabir and Dr. Kurtovic are on a mission to provide patients with unparalleled service by taking time to genuinely listen and understand their individual needs and concerns. Tucson Plastic Surgery does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetic surgery. Instead, the practice strives to provide custom-tailored plans based on their patient’s individual goals and unique anatomy. 

In five years, Tucson Plastic Surgery hopes to have made the plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures safer and dependable through its approach, thus inspiring other facilities in the industry to follow suit in not just employing the best hands and brains but ensuring every client is treated on the basis of their health and body peculiarities.

For Breast Cancer patients or anybody looking to enhance their face or body parts, the next time you are in Arizona, check in at the Tucson Plastic Surgery facility or visit their website

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