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Dream Hunters to Hit the Ethereum With an NFT Collection Designed to Inspire and Encourage Dreamers Worldwide

Along with other digital assets, non-fungible tokens used to be a niche. Before they exploded into the mainstream consciousness in early 2021, people unfamiliar with the comings and goings of the economic realm would have assumed that NFTs are yet another financial trend that won’t impact industries outside the world of business. A year later, these blockchain-hosted units of data that serve as digital certificates of ownership for a virtual good or property have made their presence known in countless sectors, including music, entertainment, and more. Most importantly, they have been utilized as tools to impact communities for the better. Dream Hunters, a highly anticipated NFT collection, is one of the new entrants in the space. Driven by the mission to unify people worldwide, it seeks to urge today’s hopefuls on and encourage them in their journey toward success.

Set to hit the Ethereum blockchain, Dream Hunters is a project composed of 10,001 intricately designed characters whose drive to fulfill their dreams will resonate with the current generation. The artist to be credited for the quality of the young dreamers in the collection is Luca Riemma, the Italian actor and producer known for several famous roles, including Pietro in Un Poste Al Sole and Antonio in Francis Ford Coppola’s Distant Vision. 

While some will be rarer than the others, every token offered by Dream Hunters is special on its own, algorithmically generated by combining properties with varying traits in nine categories, namely skin, backgrounds, eyes, mouths, headgears, earrings, accessories, T-shirt, and number. Nine thousand nine hundred of these mints come hand in hand with a load of perks, such as a share of the rolling royalties that will be distributed equally among the owners. For the 100 holders who will manage to get their hands on an Access Card, they will be on the receiving end of 2% of the rolling royalties set to be distributed to all Access Card owners. Meanwhile, the lucky holder of the rarest card, the Dream Card, will receive 1% of all rolling royalties for life. 

Currently, the team spearheading the Dream Hunters is religiously adhering to a roadmap that includes plans to introduce special campaigns, launch a game, and build a community for its members. The establishment of this community is in line with the project’s overarching mission to change the world and help others. Ultimately, the founders aim to create a space where members can share their life goals and support each other. “We intend to add experts and coaches that can provide professional counseling and consulting as the community grows,” Tamara Social, the team’s representative added.

On its minting day, Dream Hunters aims to hog the spotlight and serve as the go-to choice of NFT for young go-getters across the world. With its message of hope and drive to remind aspirants to keep their faith and dream big, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it succeeds in securing a coveted position in the spotlight. 

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