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Emerging NFT Community The Snake Mob Will Take Over the Metaverse on February 10, 2022

New and exciting non-fungible token (NFT) characters with an attitude are coming to dominate the metaverse as it launches publicly this coming February 12th, 2022: The Snake Mob. The 5,555 tokens will feature sharp-looking snakes wearing clothing from real-life brands such as Rick Owens, Cartier, Moncler, Acne, and YZY, among others. Undeniably, the snake characters are some of the most fashionable animals in the metaverse today. 

During the pre-sale on February 12th at 12 PM EST, each token will be sold for 0.03 ETH. Interested investors can look forward to minting 1,555 tokens during that phase. The general launch or public sale will be happening the next day at 3 PM EST, and each token will be sold for 0.07 ETH. All holders with The Snake Mob token own the commercial rights to their NFTs. They will be randomly generated during minting, combining more than 140 unique traits that include various expressions, headwear, eyewear, clothing, cigars, handguns, and other weapons. Some characters will be seen holding a video game controller, bankrolls, or signs. 

The Snake Mob characters embody the true attributes of real-life mobsters who are known to be cunning and ruthless. They are also best known for racketeering, money laundering, and midnight poker games. The snake characters, however, are out for a good cause. It is not just all fun and games, as it believes there is more to building an NFT community than just keeping members happy and fulfilled. 

The Snake Mob is not just an ordinary NFT community with impressive digital art worth collecting. Its founders designed it to support an important advocacy. A portion of its proceeds will be donated to The Sentencing Project, a movement that seeks to address racial disparities within the US criminal justice system. Through its donations, it hopes to give everyone, most especially people of color, an opportunity to defend themselves fairly in court without prejudice. Moreover, the donation also seeks to liberate those who have been wrongly accused and unlawfully imprisoned. 

Interestingly, The Snake Mob was founded by a company called Big Brain Labs, developed by two 21-year-olds, Neo and Swelly, who had the vision to create a community for the community. While it is against racial discrimination, it is also for the swift delivery of justice to those who are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The community creators are on a special mission to help their members become financially stable in the near future. The main goal is to overwhelm their members’ wallets with five to 20 ETH each by the end of 2023. While this may sound ambitious, this is also a noble intention meant to give their holders better lives. 

Additionally, the mobster community intends to host awesome parties in New York City, one that will be highly exclusive to members only. Each snake mobster token serves as a special ticket to access the parties and all the other benefits that come with them. As the community nears its launch, it can be expected to draw the right kind of investors, especially those who believe what it represents. 

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