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Entrepreneur and VIP Relations Expert Dan Miller’s Take

London based Entrepreneur Dan miller opens up about the ins and outs of VIP relations at the top of the game. VIP relations, It’s a title we all know but a title we all know very little about! He states “It’s all about you as a person as well as how you conduct business, working with some of the biggest and best professional boxers, footballers actors, musicians and public figures in the world. It’s about trust and delivering a service that’s unique” Dan who has worked with sky sports and sky sports boxing on more than 15 different shows in 2022 has also been the ventriloquist, creating and setting up projects, and heightened experiences for the likes of Harry Redknapp, Micheal Venom page, Kell Brook, Amir Khan, Meatball Molly and many more. 

A huge advocate for boxing in general but a bigger advocate for the women’s game, he had the honor of working behind the scenes delivering his work at the highest level and the biggest ever all female card in London with the headliner being Clarissa shields vs Savannah Marshall. Dan is the founder and director of Supreme management, a bespoke management agency based in London. Under this already powerful agency, he looks after the needs of his first female signing and undisputed world champion Chantelle Cameron. Without a doubt Dan will have his hands full in 2023 as Chantelle will be in some huge and exciting fights and title defenses. A very personal and approachable businessman with global reach, we continue to follow his journey and you can too on his personal Instagram @i_amdanielmiller.

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