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ESL Teacher Professor Frank Macias Pledges To Help Latinos Compete & Dominate In Today’s Marketplace

Frank Macias is an American entrepreneur and English teacher based out of Houston, Texas. The successful entrepreneur has been able to make a shift in his marketplace by offering English teaching services to Spanish speaking citizens looking to learn English. Knowing there was an exponential need and desire to understand English, Frank began his services early during his days of teaching in college at The University of Houston. With over 1.5M followers in the digital space, Professor Macias is a well trusted voice of success and opportunity to his followers. What separates Frank in the marketplace is his bilingual capability: he knows the English and Spanish language mechanics and how to communicate the tricks of having confidence in speaking, reading, and writing in both languages — which has allowed him to produce amazing results for his Spanish speaking students. By offering his way of teaching English with the understanding of the people he serves, Frank has forged results in alignment with his mission of helping Spanish-speakers gain the vital language skills to become more fluent in English, gain more economic opportunity and fluency, and speak English with confidence. To learn more about Frank Macias, we sat down with him to learn more about his career and how services his clients. 

Growing Need For English In Texas & The US at Large

With Texas having one of the highest Latino caucus populations, the need to know English is huge. As a state that varies for its industrial complex & now growing private sector migration due to friendly tax and operation safe havens — Latinos are the drivers seat of their own success in the marketplace. The value of talent in America for a majority of skill position careers requires the ability to speak English, For Spanish speaking citizens Frank is here to help. Frank makes learning English incredibly easy through his simple to learn classes that are available both in person in Texas & online. Frank went on to say “I come from a Spanish speaking family, my family were immigrants in America — I understand how hard it is to find success in the marketplace without knowing English. That’s my mission to people, I am out to help as many people as I can learn English for both themselves and their families.”

Profesor Macias offers online classes to all international Spanish audiences (across all Central America, Latin America, South America, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Spain, Brazil, etc…) which will serve Spanish speaking individuals across the globe who wish to gain a mastery of English. These online courses range from beginner to advanced English language mastery of conversation, grammar, all the way to citizenship classes to help individuals pass their citizenship classes. 

Professor Macias’ courses have been highly successful, with over 500,000 students, and now over 50,000 citizenship courses also purchased online. 

ESL & In Person Classes

VSL or (Video Sales Letters) is one of the many unique concepts and services Frank offers to his clients. He also operates (5) schools where he teaches English, all of which are in Texas (with two locations in Houston – and locations in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio). Frank uses his proprietary methods and custom lessons & or curriculum in various different programs for his students. Frank has been able to effectively create value offers that can align for anyone in the world or local to learn English in a fun and easy manner. As a teacher, Frank went on to say “I want all of my students to succeed, I take it very seriously and during mentorship or Q&A online or in person I use constructive criticism and feedback to push my students to reach their full potential.” With a current labor shortage and this rise of innovation & AI — The job market has become fruitful in the short term but also shows it won’t last long. Those looking to learn English to further their career to further their career in America should inquire to learn for themselves with Frank. 

Future For Frank & His Organization — Progressive Learning Academy
In the future, Frank is excited to further help his existing clients and also spread his message to more people looking to learn English. Noted as one of the top English teachers internationally, Frank has been touted for his amazing results and success in teaching English to his students. If you are looking to learn English, inquire today at click here.

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