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Foreverpets NFT, the Innovative Project That Will Tug at Any Pet Lover’s Heartstrings

It’s time for pet owners and NFT fans to rejoice because ForeverPets has got the perfect project in store. Separating themselves from the usual boring NFT collections, this newly established company promises a fresh and unique take on digital art. 

Non-fungible tokens, better known as NFT, can easily be referred to as exclusive and non-interchangeable units of data stowed in a digital ledger called a blockchain. NFTs can range from photos, videos, audio, or digital files. A holder can easily set an owned NFT as a public proof of ownership using blockchain technology. While NFTs function like cryptographic tokens, these two are different peas in a pod. While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are interchangeable, NFTs lack fungibility, meaning that each NFT may represent something unique, introducing the possibility that one NFT can be of different value. The world of NFT is complex, but nothing a well-informed holder could not handle. 

As a swarm of NFT companies pursues the metaverse, only a certain few truly exudes uniqueness. ForeverPets bolsters their position in this distinctive category with their one-of-a-kind project that will quickly melt the heart of any pet lover.

The foundation of ForeverPets rests in their ability to bring a customer’s pet to life in the blockchain through digital artwork. A client would only need to send a photo of their furry friend, mint it, and wait for results. Their NFT is 100% handmade for each holder, and each artwork is sincerely for the holders and their pets. It does not matter which pet they have or how many; they will hand-draw each submission into perfection and present them in the highest quality possible. Besides presenting the remarkable results, they will also put up a video on their website showcasing the process they go through to make the NFT because, for ForeverPets, they take great pride in their artist’s work. 

What truly sets them apart from their competitors is their consistency. While most NFT collections are given by random, with ForeverPets, the client receives an NFT that is genuinely for them—from the background to its style.

ForeverPets not only changes the game when it comes to client satisfaction, but they also want a community-driven company. They have established a built-in DAO for their project with that in mind. DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization, an entity with no virtual leadership. A DAO would give holders a say on what goes down in the project, giving them a chance for a fair vote depending on the number of tokens they have. A client will participate and access DAOs by owning a token, which they can grab hold of after commissioning for an NFT.

The current price of one NFT is at 0.16 ETH (Ethereum), a relatively reasonable price for a time-consuming project. However, ForeverPets has built a Discord bot to verify if a client is a token holder for a smoother operation. The bot will then send out the necessary form once the latter is confirmed.

ForeverPets have more in store for the future; check them out over at their website, Instagram, and Twitter.

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