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Gabriela Kirova: Empowering Women in Politics and Business with More Women in Power

Gabriela Kirova
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With a passion for giving back to her home country, Gabriela Kirova, a Bulgarian philanthropist and fashion designer, is making waves by spearheading a fresh new initiative to champion gender equality in Bulgaria. The name of this powerful new movement is ‘More Women in Power,’ and its purpose is crystal clear – to motivate and empower women to take an active role in politics and to boldly strive for leadership positions within the corporate arena.

Gabriela Kirova is no stranger to promoting positive change. She has spearheaded a multitude of philanthropic endeavors, from linking aspiring business moguls with financiers to championing the noble goals of UNICEF. In recognition of her tireless contributions to the betterment of society, she was granted a rare audience with His Holiness Pope Francis at his official residence in Vatican City. Gabriela’s unwavering commitment to uplifting the underprivileged and the homeless has earned her a prominent role in the ranks of benevolent organizations in Italy.

With the objective of fostering gender parity in both the political and corporate realms, ‘More Women in Power’ strives to furnish women with ample opportunities to fully realize their potential by actively engaging in public life. The organization was founded in 2022 by Gabriela and her friend, maintaining that gender equality constitutes not only a fundamental human right but also an indispensable prerequisite for fostering a world characterized by peace, prosperity, and sustainability.

With an unwavering passion for fairness and justice, Gabriela has consistently championed the cause of equality, and her latest endeavor is living proof of her unyielding commitment to building a more equitable world for all. Driven by her unflinching resolve to dismantle patriarchal power structures that exclude women, Gabriela is a formidable force in the political landscape of Bulgaria, inspiring a new generation of change-makers from around the globe to join her in the quest for a thriving civil society that upholds the tenets of democracy and progress.

The ‘More Women in Power’ movement is on a mission to entice bright and educated Bulgarian women who have completed their studies overseas and are passionate about the future of their homeland to join forces and contribute to its growth. This endeavor will establish a network of like-minded women in Bulgaria and beyond, organizing educational programs and workshops with renowned professionals, distinguished speakers, and influential policymakers.

Gabriela Kirova aims for ‘More Women in Power’ to instill in women the belief that they are equal to men and possess the ability to make meaningful contributions toward establishing a peaceful and progressive government. By striking a balance between genders, society can meet its current needs with more success.

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