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Gym Pro University: Redefining Business Accelerator Programs by Focusing on a Personalized Approach

Every aspiring entrepreneur’s dream is to scale a business from the ground up successfully. However, this impressive feat can be challenging to accomplish without the proper strategy. As such, serial businessman E.Z. Smith has created Gym Pro University, which will help up-and-coming business owners to grow their ventures.

The extraordinary enterprise utilizes a tried-and-tested approach together with an innovative business accelerator program. In addition, its expert media management staff has a combined experience of 33 years.

Sharing what motivated him to create the inspiring brand, E.Z. Smith said, “I built my personal brand to bring new life into our partner’s ability to set appointments, sell their services and massively scale their business. I have seen so many shifts in advertising, marketing and client acquisition tactics until finally I cracked the code on client acquisition and client retention three years ago and knew I had to help other entrepreneurs do the same.”

But perhaps, what separates Gym Pro University from the competition is its 7-Figure Organic Outreach System, which shows clients how to achieve the freedom and happiness that comes with entrepreneurship.

As a result, the once humble fitness brand has grown into a leading authority in the business accelerator industry. Currently, it caters to six niche industries and has assisted over 900 business infrastructures in reaching a minimum of 6-figure profits so far.

Aside from that, the company focuses on providing a truly personalized experience to its clients. While it already has excellent programs that can be used as-is, the venture does not require clients to adapt to its systems. Instead, it listens to the unique needs of its customers and offers solutions that work best for each individual user.

To effectively do this, it offers 1-on-1 coaching sessions to ensure that clients will receive adequate support. Moreover, it teaches budding business owners how to attract and handle a minimum of 15 to 30 new customers each month while solidifying their backend system to create Lifetime Value Memberships.

This customized approach not only yields great results, but also helps aspiring entrepreneurs increase profitability, significantly reduce overhead, and scale their businesses quickly and efficiently.

Most importantly, the success of Gym Pro University lies in the remarkable leadership of E.Z. Smith. As the esteemed entrepreneur proudly shared, “I separate myself from others in our competing space by focusing our clients’ efforts on how to save money while creating massive profitability. Instead of requiring our clients to adapt to our systems, we create our offers and buildout surrounding what they do best and offer to their target market. Those two factors alone have created a minimum of $123,000 in increased profitability annually for our clients while dramatically decreasing their daily workload our team is able to take on for them.” 

Moving forward, Gym Pro University plans to widen its horizons and help more business-minded individuals attain a prosperous and lucrative enterprise of their own. More specifically, it sees itself assisting thousands of individuals in creating six and seven-figure businesses. 

You can find out more about Gym Pro University by checking out its official website.

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