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High Horse House NFTs Is Galloping Its Way to the Metaverse

It seems like there will be no shortage of NFT projects this year, with several promising new projects rolling out faster than anything else on the digital market. That said, up-and-coming High Horse House is set to launch this February 12, 2022. It assures both veteran NFT collectors and newcomers to the NFT sphere of an exciting project that will transcend many existing collections in the industry with their exhilarating and elite parties, engaging games, DAO voting, and impressive incentives. 

High Horse House is a collection of 10,000 distinct, non-replicable non-fungible tokens that inhabit the Ethereum blockchain. The team behind the promising new project aims to provide an ecosystem that will benefit everyone supporting the NFT while ensuring that holders who invest in them are getting the best return on investment.

The NFT’s art concept strongly complements the project itself. Therefore, both the artist and the creative team work closely to ensure that the art being made truly represents the project’s brand above anything else.

Like most NFTs released in the digital space, High Horse House has an elaborate backstory that will entice NFT enthusiasts and newbies alike. According to the project’s lore, madness ensued when mad scientist Dr. Von Derpus trapped the horses in his laboratory and experimented on them. After conducting said deranged trials, the horses now run, free and funky, finding solace in the pleasures of the wider world. While some pretend to be horses on carousel rides, some are found stretching their legs in numerous sporting events or gluing cones to their foreheads, galloping through the woodlands in an attempt to go wild and scare random campers.

“Today, the magnificent steeds of High Horse House represent freedom, pride in being different, and not letting oneself be held back by those who wish the worst on them,” the team explained.

But it seems that it won’t be the last that we’ll hear of Dr. Derpus since the team behind the project is keen on revealing more of him later in a separate project.

Besides having distinct tokenized pieces, holders of High Horse House NFTs will be able to utilize their Horses as avatars in the metaverse, as well as use it to unlock countless members-only benefits and unlimited access to exclusive events that the project hosts, both in the metaverse and in real life where holders will be rubbing shoulders with many of the world’s most prominent figures in hotspots like Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai, Madrid, and so much more.

Moreover, the project’s developers are also gearing up for their “secret milestone” that will enable holders of their NFTs to stake their pieces in place of the project’s native $HORS tokens which they will be able to use several metaverse games, including High Horse House’s upcoming horse racing bonanza, in addition with many more future utilities including breeding.

Phase two and phase three of the project will proceed in the second and fourth quarter of the year, respectively, where the team will be announcing other crucial elements of High Horse House and some other future additions. 

Once minting takes place, the collection of 10,000 NFTs will be available for purchase on their official website and will have a mint price of 0.123 ETH (plus gas fees). There are limited whitelist spots, but the team advises those interested in heading to their Discord channel for more information. 

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