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How Entrepreneur Wilbert Wynnberg Founded Think Act Prosper

If you had heard of Wilbert Wynnberg before 2015, you probably would’ve known him as a gambling addict who had extreme gambling swings of up to 6 figures on a daily basis. On top of that, he was a heavy drinker, ex-gang member, and a school dropout who grew up in an abusive, low-income environment.

Today, Wilbert Wynnberg is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Think Act Prosper. Having experienced his fair share of major life events, Wynnberg is proud to have put his self-professed “degen phase” behind him and live his life with the purpose of leaving a legacy and a positive impact on the world. As someone who was able to put themselves back on the right track after years of walking down the wrong path, Wynnberg knows exactly how difficult it is to have a fresh start in life and stay the course. His comeback story, combined with his unique brand of charisma, has allowed him to inspire audiences from all over the world, appear on TV, and be featured on news publications such as Forbes, USA Today, Yahoo! Finance, and many more. Since 2015, he has committed his life and work to helping others excel in their business, income, and life, with his own story serving as a beacon of inspiration and motivation.

Shortly after his “transformation,” Wynnberg decided to get rid of his fear of heights by becoming a licensed skydiver. In 2017, after miraculously surviving a near-fatal skydiving accident, a memento mori revelation came to him: if he had died in that skydiving crash, he would’ve died with plenty of regret about the things he wanted to accomplish but had always been putting off, one of which was publishing his own book. After his recovery, he took action, and soon after, Think Act Prosper was published. Within that same year, he became a United States Parachute Association (USPA) ‘A’ license, and completed over 50 solo jumps. In the years that followed, he continued to take action and check items off his to-do list, expanding Think Act Prosper into a global movement that included a business conference and magazine featuring the world’s best thought leaders and business experts like Brian Tracy, Kerri Kasem, Evan Carmichael, Elena Cardone, David Meltzer, Kim Perell, and many more.

On top of that, Wynnberg has also been active in community assistance efforts. He has helped children living in the underprivileged communities around Southeast Asia, believing in the importance of the role of education in one’s childhood. To embody his own belief, Wynnberg went on to further his own education by obtaining an MBA with Murdoch University in 2019.

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