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How Yazan Al Koudsi Conquered Social Media as a Full-Time Influencer

Anybody can attempt to become a social media influencer, but not everybody will make it. Becoming an influencer, as many who attempted would know by now, is not a walk in the park. It entails self-sacrifice, a lot of hard work, immense creativity, and dedication. Social media influencer Yazan Al Koudsi, best known as Zizotravel online, would not have achieved what he has in the past six years had it not been for these attributes. When it comes to what tickles the interest of social media users, he can be considered one of those who know the secret. 

Building his following over the last six years has been a life-altering journey for him. Deciding to become a full-time influencer was even more life-changing, but he did it anyway, confident that he is called to bring joy to the lives of his 160k followers on Instagram and 120k fans on TikTok. Generating three million likes, over 200 million views, and more than 50 viral video contents in a short period of time is a feat that can only be achieved by someone as committed and well-loved by fans as Yazan Al Koudsi. 

Prior to his full-time career as an influencer, Yazan was a thriving flight attendant for five years with Flydubai Airlines. He finished a degree in Business Administration major in Marketing in Syria, and his basic foundations on the subject area prepared him greatly in becoming the engaging influencer that he is today. 

Currently based in the windy city of Chicago, Yazan is famous for his features on the local events and the thriving restaurants in the area. If people want to know the latest happenings and trends in Chicago, the Zizotravel social media account is the go-to source of information. Moreover, he also does features on various products, and his recommendations are something that his followers are always eager to learn about. 

Yazan Al Koudsi is a well-traveled person, having visited over 75 countries in the past years. He has done several collaborations with luxury resorts in different parts of the world, making him an expert when it comes to travel tips and recommendations. He mostly talks about the people, food, lifestyle, accommodations, and local entertainment in the place he visits. 

In 2017, he won the Dubai Award for Best Food Coverage during Ramadan as recognition for his 30-day coverage of the most luxurious places for Iftar, the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. 

At present, Yazan Al Koudsi is focused on building his career as a real estate agent aside from being an influencer. The idea of being able to help other people find their dream home brings him great joy and satisfaction. Just as he has succeeded as a flight attendant and now as an influencer, he is confident that he will also be an exceptional real estate agent. At the end of the day, his hard work has always been about bringing joy to the lives of other people and influencing them to build happy and fulfilling lives. 

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