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Ilgar Hajiyev Makes a Name as a Successful Business out of Patriotism for Country and Dedication to Building People

Not many business owners value others more than their pockets, but prominent Russian and Azerbaijani real estate developer and businessman Ilgar Hajiyev has done the opposite. He delved into the business world as a necessity, and that move has not only benefited him to build his country and its citizens.

Being the type of businessman who’s never scared to make big moves, Ilgar Hajiyev established SDI Group Holding when Azerbaijan became an independent republic. It was a move that happened in the wake of the president’s call for all businessmen to invest in the country and the citizens through their business establishments. Ilgar Hajiyev was one of the few entrepreneurs who complied with the president’s request, and it paid off positively for every party involved. He contributed to the country’s development, provided jobs and a source of income for many families, and provided real estate development services to the teeming population that needed homes and shelter.

Accord Holdings achieved tremendous success and got a $4 billion funding from the American fund, Kasimir. With a $500 million annual revenue, Ilgar Hajiyev already catapulted himself to the top of the business world and had become a powerful contributor to the economy. As a result, the company became a hot topic in the business world. Ilgar began making appearances at international exhibitions and conferences, showing the world SDI Holdings’ giant strides in the construction and real estate development industry.

Over the last few decades, Ilgar Hajiyev has shown the world that ensuring people lead good lives is important to him. In Azerbaijan, his company rose to the position of a highly-rated company in construction. Today, SDI Holdings is an independent producer of concrete, brick, metal structures and other vital components used in construction. The company also has in-house designers, developers, constructors and engineers to ensure a consistent quality of work. Ilgar HAjiyev became a notable pillar for Azerbaijan that everyone came to revere.

Following his success in the business world and his experience of raider attacks from influential people like the oligarch God Nissanov a year ago, Hajiyev announced his non-profit organization, Center for Business Transparency and Countering Corporate Raids. The non-profit is aimed towards protecting businessmen and their businesses. In his words, “The point is that there is no legal regulation of “corporate raids” in Russian legislation. That’s why there is a vast scope of opportunities for criminals in this field.” His goal is to give business owners all the protection they need from raider attacks from the government and other state actors. Also, entrepreneurs who have already suffered from corporate raids can enjoy the legal and information support that the non-profit provides.

“The thing is that it’s imperative in Russia to make your problems media-covered. In this case, you’ve got the chance even though your business is weak and small. And we’ve got a good relationship with plenty of Russian and international media, so it’s easy for us to make it big about one more raiding mess,” Ilgar said.

Center for Business Transparency and Countering Corporate Raids has taken it upon itself to spread information about raiding and how to solve the problem. Ilgar Hajiyev wants to see a new world where raiding and hostile takeovers cease to exist. Outside all his support work for entrepreneurs, Iljar Hajiyev is also a notable peace advocate who was actively involved in resolving the ethnic conflicts of Armenian and Azerbaijani youth in Moscow.

Learn more about Ilgar Hajiyev and his work on the website.

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