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Introducing WizKidz: The NFT Collection Made for Fantasy Lovers

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to take over the digital space along with the continuous expansion of the metaverse. The most common form of NFTs are digital artworks, now collectively being referred to as blockchain art. However, they’re often still, non-evolving characters. WizKidz aims to take the NFT game to the next level by showcasing a collection that shows evolution, allowing holders to witness how their NFTs grow and evolve into even more powerful assets in the digital space. With their unique art style, the project is set to give enthusiasts and investors something fresh, a never before seen collection worth coveting. 

The creators behind WizKidz pride themselves on creating a PFP NFT showcasing one-of-a-kind artwork for the fantasy community. It is a tribute to NFT enthusiasts who are lovers of wizards and magic. By far, WizKidz is one of the first of its kind to enter the NFT space, and the collection is already gaining traction. In addition, the holders will get two NFTs in one, a baby version of their characters and see it evolve into a Grand Wizard.

“We wanted to do something different that would help our project truly stand out, so we came up with an amazing roadmap that allows WizKidz holders to get two NFTs for the price of one. Our artwork encompasses all different types of skin colors and has many unique outfits as attributes to pop culture within the fantasy world,” the creators explained. “We have carefully planned all the rarity attributes such as the dragon eggs and wands that you can see in our NFTs. Each attribute has meaning and has powers that will allow for awesome evolutions when you collect ten crystals of power that will turn your WizKid into a Grand Wizard.”

The founders shared that WizKidz is a reflection of their love for the fantasy genre. They grew up watching Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and many other fantasy masterpieces that inspired them to dig a little deeper, get to know the magic behind the stories that shaped their childhoods and molded their path into adulthood. WizKidz is a homage to their love for fantasy and honors the magic they grew up with and guided them in their growth. The creators aim to amplify that WizKidz “speaks to the children inside us.” 

Furthermore, the founders gamified the process to create more than just still NFTs. The process involved creating the Quest of Power, a game where WizKidz holders must collect ten crystals of power. Once collected and once the Enchantment Room opens, the crystals will allow them to unlock the WizKidz’s true power and become Grand Wizards. The founders also planned a Metaverse Integration, where users holding a Wiz Kid or Grand Wizard will be able to use their Wizard and gain access and entry into the Wizarding Realm.

“Our art really took into consideration what we wanted to see in the NFT world. We absolutely loved the mutations that BAYC showcased, and we wanted to pay homage to that by allowing our WizKidz to also transform into incredible adult versions of themselves,” the founders shared. “Our artwork is special because it’s two NFTs in one. You get to see the baby versions of the wizards, and then you get to see them transform into Grand Adult Wizards. You get to see how the different attributes change from already cool objects to just breathtaking pieces of work.”

Future holders can get live updates on their Discord server.

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