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Justin Saunders’ Authority Income Accelerator Helping Businesses Generate Revenue from Instagram

In the game of business, knowledge is key. Someone’s access to the best insights, strategies, and business ideas is what helps many entrepreneurs win the game. Justin Saunders understands why that’s important. Over the past years, he has focused on building an empire that brings business owners access to a wealth of knowledge that helps them scale their businesses through social media and digital marketing. 

Justin Saunders is an entrepreneur, business growth consultant, and digital business advocate who has already helped hundreds of people create systems that grow profit. He started on this path back in 2016 to show others that earning online is more achievable than most believe. Saunders is highly passionate about teaching people how to live a life of abundance and build systems that generate wealth independently. 

A few years ago, Justin established the Authority Income Accelerator, a system that helps businesses install a proven lead and client acquisition channel through social media. His primary focus in the AIA is learning how to hack Instagram, which currently sits as the second most significant social media platform globally. The company focuses on four pillars: hyper-relevance, authority, client acquisition, and automation. 

Justin Saunders is a business growth consultant and Authority Income Accelerator (AIA) founder. He helps businesses install a proven client acquisition method by getting more clients on Instagram. “Our main focus is helping coaches and consultants do around $10,000 a month, install our proven Automated Instagram funnel to get more clients, and build authority in their space,” explains Justin. “We have mastered turning an Instagram account into a funnel that consistently produces more clients and grows your brand on autopilot. Now, we’re ready to share it with the world.”

Before starting Authority Income Accelerator, Justin Saunders ran a lead generation agency. During that time, he invested and spent millions of dollars on various lead generation strategies and perfected a system that turned Instagram users into potential customers. While most business growth strategies get channeled through Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, Justin believes that Instagram is underutilized. “I found that IG DMs are the best way to grow your brand, build real authority in your space, and consistently get new clients,” explains Saunders. 

Justin has worked with over five hundred businesses and created sales funnels that help drive traffic through a system that regularly churns out repeat business. On top of that, Justin helps companies build brands on social media after realizing back in 2016 how huge of an impact social media had on people who wanted to build a business. Today, what drives Justin to keep pushing is the amount of positive impact he has had on people’s lives. The serial entrepreneur focuses on providing his knowledge to help others first and pouring in all he knows to help the people who trust him succeed.

Justin has poured in time, energy, and resources to get to the point that he’s at today— paying for mentors, learning through trial and error, and creating ventures that would have successful exits. But his greatest joy comes from sharing that knowledge with others and seeing the results transform their lives just as it has transformed his.

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