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Learn more about network marketer Jamie Abesamis and her venture into AI Powered Forex Robotics by Intelligence Prime Capital LLC

Jamie Abesamis is an American Business professional and Top domestic Network Marketer. In her career, she has successfully made a transition as an American armed forces service member in the Air Force into Network marketing as a leader in the Forex automation space. The thought driven leader has worked to improve lives by offering proprietary automation services that give her leadership and clients the ability to trade in the Forex market passively. With much on the horizon, Abesamis is excited to continue to expand her services globally and help more people around the world get access to cutting edge automation software. 

AI Powered Software With Jamie Abesamis 

Over the last (8) years Jamie has successfully been able to help thousands of people get access to her network and services. She explains that within the current marketplace of network marketing, there are few opportunities that are truly valuable. That is what led her to getting into Forex Automation. Starting with using the service herself, she quickly saw that the benefits of the service and education allowed her to make money passively. With such amazing results, Jamie decided to join the organization to help others get access to the same amazing services and became one of the top income earners of the company. With Intelligence Prime Capital LLC affiliate marketing through AI Forex Robotics, everyday people now have the ability to get access to the largest global market in the world where they can make money passively. 

What Is The Forex Marketplace? 

As Jamie stated and wants you to know: “The Forex Marketplace is a trillion dollar industry that never sleeps, with that it has made it a very lucrative way for people to get access to the markets without the know how of to trade, it’s really the concept of trading made easy”. With longevity and conviction, Jamie believes the future of Forex Automation is endless. She further went on to say “There is so much longevity with the current software that we offer, it really is the newest innovation that will change the way people can get access to the Forex market. The proprietary concepts of the AI Powered software are so great and as we all know technology and automation are the future for all commerce”. 

Next Projects For Jamie & Her Organization 

Jamie is excited to further launch her services and expand the leadership of her existing affiliate marketing team. She is furthermore excited to become a leader in the automation sector as a whole, as she plans to invest further into various investment opportunities in other sectors such as crypto automation, Air bnb, Turo, and NFT’s. To Learn more about Jamie Abesamis and her organization, click here.

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