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Learn More About Virginia Titan Division’s — Russell Wimbrough “The Knife Guy” & His Exclusive Cutco Knife Gift Giving Services

Russell Wimbrough is an American Business professional based out of Virginia. In his career, he has worked with Cutco as a Gift giving consultant offering proprietary customized knife set gifts to various professionals. With 19 years of combinedexperience, Russell has been able to build a name for himself where he is otherwise known as “The Knife Guy”. The entrepreneur and leader is excited to continue to share his core beliefs and current marketplace offerings while also further expanding his organization and helping more people in his territory.

What Does Russell Wimbrough Do?

To date, Russell has been noted for his success as the #1 in his entire company in annual unit sales. Russell wants you to know exactly what he helps service providers and businesses with across the country. His organization offers customizable knives mainly offered and used by his industry interchangeable clients as gifts to their existing clients. His company, which is in alignment with Cutco and is licensed as a partner has been granted Proprietary rights to embroider and solicit Cutco knives with customizable logo & names. Cutco, which is known domestically as a leader in knife quality, is a perfect gift to a client Russell says. Russell’s existing book of clients have successfully been able to place orders for customized knife kits for their own clients with little to no hassle and great quality service.

Russell’s Outlook On The Future Of His Services In The Marketplace

Russell is excited to continue offering his services to existing clients and as well new clients he has yet to align with. He remains optimistic about his services, stating “Gift giving isn’t something that is going away anytime soon, clients see amazing results through us by being able to get a low cost quality gift that leaves their clients with a meaningful memory and a strengthened relationship for years to come”. Russell is a firm believer in taking care of his clients, noting that the more focus on client satisfaction his organization has emphasized on the more advocates and growth the company has had.

To learn more about Russell Wimbrough and or to inquire about his services, click here.

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