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Mark Conner, CPA PLLC Giving Companies Freedom to Grow

The lifeblood of any business or organization is cash flow. While money doesn’t make the world go ‘round, it pays the bills to make things move. No one understands this better than practicing Certified Public Accountant Mark Conner. And with his knack for finding ways to manage and maximize a company’s finances efficiently, business owners can continue to grow their businesses. 

The average entrepreneur is passionate about their product or service and seeks to find ways to scale and grow their efforts. However, many business owners and executives get held back time, energy, and resource-wise by all the administrative functions. Mark alleviates entrepreneurs and executives of that burden by providing companies and individuals with accurate, accessible, and affordable accounting, tax, and payroll services. 

Mark Conner, CPA PLLC, has spent the last fifteen years in public accounting. He has built his own practice over the previous eight years, serving clients in a wide variety of industries, with revenues ranging anywhere between one hundred thousand to ten million dollars in annual income.

The A-class level CPA thrives at his craft, delivering quality and accuracy with every tax return, financial statement, consultation, or any form of support a company might need on the accounting front. The accountant makes himself available to anyone who looks for prompt communication, guaranteeing to provide callbacks within one business day, and meet all deadlines. 

Leveraging on the latest finance and bookkeeping technology, Mark is well-versed at many of today’s latest cloud-based accounting programs. He’s a certified advisor for Xero, one of the leading online accounting programs that many top organizations and Fortune 500 companies use. Mark also provides his expertise in other virtual bookkeeping programs such as Quickbooks and Gusto.

An accounting advisor with keen insight, Mark also provides companies with a fresh set of eyes to see business development and decision-making from another point of view. Mark has worked with companies to provide interim CFO services, accounting system implementation, ad hoc reporting, process automation, budgeting, variance analysis, and data conversion, among other benefits.

Some of the industries Mark services are agriculture, construction, education, energy, technology, transportation, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, media, not-for-profit, real estate, retail, and many others. In the years that he has served clients, he has built long term relationships with many of his clients, mainly due to the trustworthiness and expertise he delivers.

One of the main things that separates Mark from his competitors is that he not only worries about the taxable income number, but rather is concerned about the character of the income.  For example, royalty income is treated differently than wages, which is treated differently than capital gains. This vision allows Mark to see tax strategies as a sandbox with the Internal Revenue Code forming the boundaries.

If you would like to reconsider whether your accountant is providing you with the service you deserve or is merely an annual compliance function,  check out Mark Conner, CPA PLLC, his services, and publications. Visit his website and LinkedIn profile.

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