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Merry Apes Club, the Rewards-Driven and Community-Centered Collection Set to Explode into the NFT Scene on December 20

Securing financial freedom has always been perceived as an accomplishment that results from decades of tedious hard work. Given how people used to chain themselves to their nine-to-five desks for years, this assumption is understandable and remains rooted in reality, to some extent, even up to this day. However, with the advancements in digital technology and the rise of online-based platforms, a world of opportunities is now available to go-getters from all walks of life, opportunities that give individuals the chance to achieve their goals faster. Merry Apes Club, an upcoming NFT collection, hopes to help both the uninitiated and the well-versed in the digital asset industry to materialize their financial dreams.

Set to explode into the NFT scene this December 20 during its launch date, Merry Apes Club is a highly anticipated drop made up of 8,888 tokenized works of art representing purpose-driven apes who share the same mission of leaving Earth. Driven by the desire to be free and merry all meta-year long, they have embarked on a journey to the metaverse and invite all non-fungible token collectors into a community that will stand for positive vibes, multiple streams of incomes, and memorable entertainment. 

In the months following the astronomic rise of these blockchain-hosted non-interchangeable units of data earlier this year, countless projects have inundated the NFT space, making the field more saturated and cut-throat. During its launch, Merry Apes Club will be competing for a place in the limelight against a flood of collections born out of the strategic minds of celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who have recognized the value that non-fungible tokens can bring to anyone bold enough to wield its growing prominence. While it could be challenging to hog the spotlight, the reward-driven project is confident that it will capture every hustler’s attention in the economic landscape because of the long list of perks that come along with owning an ape. 

All future holders of a Merry Apes Club token can expect a host of benefits, from the chance to join a group that aims to promote fun and positivity to gaining another stream of income. Additionally, they can look forward to the development of a P2E metaverse game where they could use their NFT as an avatar. 

The public minting day will be on December 20. Currently, the team of tech experts, artists, designers, and marketing authorities at the helm of Merry Apes Club is religiously adhering to a meticulously designed roadmap that includes giveaways of cash prizes worth $2,000 once 10% of the apes find a home. When 40% of the tokens sell out, a giveaway of rare and super-rare MerryApes will then take place, and lucky holders will get a chance to win one out of ten PS5/Xbox Series. 

For those keeping their ears out for the MerryApe Play2Earn metaverse game, the team is excited to announce that its development will be initiated when 60% of the must-have figures under the Merry Apes Club collection get minted. Lastly, at sell-out of all 8,888 tokens, two holders will find in their driveway a Tesla Model 3. 

Amid the impressive perks that come hand in hand with bagging an ape, the most important benefit that the team will go all-out to provide remains clear-cut: allow its community members the chance to experience a fun virtual world while making lucrative moves on the blockchain. 

Learn more about Merry Apes Club by visiting its website.

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