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Modernist NFT Takes an Innovative Jab at the Modern Art Industry

The meteoric rise of non-fungible tokens has been seen as an unprecedented event that currently pervades the modern art industry. Dubbed the future of the art scene, the emerging blockchain technology that houses NFTs has multiple use cases that have elevated the way we see digital art bringing immense value to these assets and revolutionizing the industry as we know it. Modernist NFT hopes to take things a step further by offering innovative solutions that have never been seen before in the ever-growing metaverse.

Undoubtedly, the rapid progression of the NFT market has paved the way for countless projects to come out of the woodwork. This has caused the markets to become overly saturated with low-quality, low-utility projects that unwitting enthusiasts might fall deeper into. This oversaturation has also caused most NFT projects to become quite similar without any room for innovation. 

Modernist NFT takes a step back and assesses the current market conditions, providing one of the most unique projects to ever grace the metaverse in recent memory. With high-quality digital art pieces and a unique system that generates exponential value for any and all prospective holders, there is no other NFT project that currently offers the innovations that Modernist brings to the table. 

Each Modernist NFT token is digitally interchangeable, limited in number, and equipped with distinct characteristics. The digital art pieces themselves depict an androgynous figure with an art style unlike any other. The brand is adept at separating itself from the current market trends filled with cartoon characters and animal hybrids. It has been widely recognized for its sophisticated look that provides a more complex and neutral identity to the human face, seamlessly blended with a pop art flair.

Packed with immense potential value, a single Modernist NFT token can be split into four different tokens, with each having the ability to be gamified. The possibilities are endless for the renowned project by integrating gamified mechanics into non-game environments. This immersive feature allows holders to partake in a much deeper level of participation and more opportunities to collect and create new connections that will, in turn, unlock more benefits along the way.

This unique splitting aspect of the Modernist NFT token means that holders can practically own four separate tokens of the same image. Each split from the whole can be interchanged, traded, or sold, acting as a single interactive fragment where the holder can do whatever they want with it. During the launch date, each Modernist NFT will be priced ETH equalling approximately $500 for the first piece of the framed image. Although most people consider the price being on the lower end of the spectrum, this also gives the collection an accessible entry point. 

Apart from the immense value that each Modernist token holds, the creators also take pride in giving back to the community and bolstering each holder’s sense of social responsibility. The project aims to grant community members the opportunity to buy into the SOLVV community in a financial, emotional, and aesthetic manner. This would increase the value of the collection’s original Modernist investment through high engagement in the Modernist Collection Playbook. 

In this Playbook, each of the tiles, which consists of the four sections that make up the NFT Modernist Image, can be interchanged with others. Furthermore, in hopes of creating an immersive NFT experience, the project creators have developed sonic logos that are tied to the images, bringing the aspect of sound to the already immense and interactive token.

This revolutionary feature is designed to elevate the mood of the viewer when their piece is displayed at home or in galleries. Ultimately, Modernist NFT embodies what its name implies, offering a modern take on the metaverse and implementing innovations on top of what currently already works. The project sets a global precedent in the industry that will surely inspire more innovative projects to materialize in the coming years.

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