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Mompreneur Capital Helping Women Flourish in Their Lives and Businesses

Becoming a well-recognized and successful woman these days is no longer out of reach. The world is moving towards equality and equal opportunities, and women are taking their destinies into their hands despite the seemingly challenging environment. Mompreneur Capital is one of the platforms that lets women be doers and high achievers. Founded by Shakera Freeman, Mompreneur Capital is a revolutionary company that projects and positions women into enabling conditions to function independently and achieve financial independence through various forms of empowerment and upliftment.

Shakera Freeman recognizes the importance of having access to information. The first struggle many women face is getting access before the struggle of being able to take action. At Mompreneur Capital, women get all the resources and support they need to thrive. Describing the company’s services, Shakera said, “We have the ability to give women the proper tools that’s needed to start a business, build and leverage business credit to wealth and health. This will be the gateway on how to gain financial stability and become independent. I have the knowledge and tools for new methods of being financially stable that aren’t offered in other companies.”

Mompreneur Capital provides everything—from e-books to courses and a lot of other things to help women succeed in their quest for financial success. The company is also big on transparency, innovation, integrity, and satisfactory customer service, which is reflected in its services to clients and the values it passes onto every woman who undergoes the company’s training and resources. Shakera’s natural passion for excellence fuels Mompreneur Capital’s drive and has been responsible for the many successes the company has achieved. Being a business owner with six kids, a husband, and two dogs is so much work in itself; but she has never let any of those challenges hold her back. She holds two master’s degrees in Education Leadership and Public Administration, so she believes that if she can follow her dreams to the letter, anybody can do the same.

Getting women into a space where they can be unapologetically themselves and have all the room they need to thrive in the world are things that Shareka wants to achieve with Mompreneur Capital. “I’ve received many teardrop stories from people who I grew up with, people who know me on a personal level and strangers telling me how I motivated them in so many ways,” she revealed. “There’s really some hardworking, multitasking moms who are eager to learn and ready to boss up and become financially independent. So that was my cue to grind harder, foot on necks, apply pressure by any means necessary and make something happen.”

Her supportive family, friends, and staff at Mompreneur Capital keep the wheels rolling; and the goal is to never let them down. Mompreneur Capital’s current goal is to serve many women looking to level up and become more empowered. And on future goals, Shakera believes in short-term goals and what is achievable in the “now,” so she hopes to keep taking the steps one at a time, driving her company forward and being a point of contact for women and mothers looking to improve their lives.

Learn more about Mompreneur Capital on the official website.

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