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Noble Wolf Pack NFT Gaining Momentum and Popularity

Amid the growing tide of blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens have become a clear favorite among collectors and investors alike. People have scoured the internet for the next NFT offer that provides great opportunities for moonshot valuation while keeping a strong artistic benefit. One NFT collection to keep in mind is the Noble Wolf Pack NFT, which has been rising in popularity as of late.

The Noble Wolf Pack collection features ten thousand unique mints that carry a few of the two hundred hand-drawn traits in unique permutations. No two NFTs are completely alike, giving each one strong individuality. The NFT follows the story of a rare pack of wolves in a fictional world where carnivores and herbivores live in complete harmony. That was until an asteroid hit the planet and killed off most of the noble wolf population and left the remaining survivors with unique mutations and powers. 

Five thousand of these noble wolves would switch to a darker side as the other remaining five thousand would start using their abilities to protect the rest of the world from these corrupted predators. The storyline matches up with beautifully created wolf characters in digital artworks that exude an anime-like feel, something that many art enthusiasts worldwide can relate with greatly. By launching this collection into the NFT ecosystem, the Noble Wolf NFT team hopes to create a strong community that will network and support one another. There are also rare NFTs called Ultima Wolves, and lucky owners of these will get 1 ETH as a bonus. 

Accordingly, the company has announced a roadmap that promises many giveaways to mint holders and owners. The company also announced that they are giving away a Tesla as a secret giveaway. At 10 percent of the minting capacity, the team will give away five free noble wolves to early entrants to the fanbase community. There will also be other exciting giveaways dropped daily on their virtual communities.

After reaching 20% of the minting target, the founding team will also create a $30,000 community grant fund to finance the community’s creations and development. Another 2.5% of the fees collected will also go into the same grant, helping create more longevity for the project. At 40% minting capacity, the company will open up an exclusive merchandise store for the community, which will feature a set of wearables that will help strengthen the brand and culture. The company will also set aside another $30,000 for a charity of the community’s choice, which they will give once the collection hits 60% sell out.

Another unique selling point for the Noble Wolf NFT collection is its plans to enter the metaverse. There are now plans of action toward creating 3-D characters that NFT owners can use. The creators also plan to create Mangas that tell various stories of the Noble Wolf feuds and backstory to deepen the fictional universe.

Each token comes with a unique contract that verifies its credibility. Non-fungible tokens have been one of the most profitable investments in 2021, with many NFT HODLers and owners earning thousands to millions of dollars on early minting. Noble Wolf Pack hopes to become the next NFT to create a community of wealthy token owners. 

The mints will go out at an initial offer of 0.08 ETH per mint. To learn more about the NFT collection, visit its website and Discord server.

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