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Rogelio Bonola on Pursuing His Dreams and Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Mexican-American entrepreneur Rogelio Bonola knows all too well how challenging the path to success gets, but he chose not to be deterred by negative criticism and the toxicity of the people surrounding him. Instead, he chose to filter the kind of people he connected with, making sure to stay close to those who encouraged him and believed in his abilities while staying as far away as possible from those who had nothing good to say about his pursuits. 

The host of The Inner Circle podcast has become well-loved for his Spotify content as he talks about having the right mindset, relationships, and success. Also best known as an influencer and content creator, he chooses to put out helpful content to inspire others to pursue financial stability through business. He started his entrepreneurship journey in 2020 and has not looked back ever since. He has come a long way from the shy and scrawny kid who graduated from Silver Creek two years ago to the thriving businessman that he is today. 

“The only person I am outworking is the man I was yesterday, and that’s it. I am incomparable. I always knew I wanted to be greater, do better, and I feel like I’ve exceeded that. I had to drop longtime relationships, burn bridges to be here where I’m at. But it was all for it because look where I am at now,” Rogelio Bonola shared. “One day, I made a choice to separate myself from people, almost everyone I knew- for the greater good of myself. Now that I’m where I need to be, people tend to reconnect with me and find me again after all these years, but it’s different now – now I have another choice. Do I choose to let them re-enter my life or let them keep watching?”

The young entrepreneur owns a clothing brand called Unsung, which represents the will and successes of self-made personalities and entrepreneurs who worked silently and tirelessly to get to where they are today. Rogelio Bonola remembers how his kindness was abused and taken for granted in the past, prompting him to choose his friends wisely. Nonetheless, he managed to find a way to use those experiences to bring out the best in himself. 

Rogelio Bonola did not have an easy beginning when he decided to become somebody in the business world. He took a risk on himself and relied heavily on his determination and hard work, which eventually paid off. While several people did not believe he would make it, he successfully proved them wrong. Today, he is all about inspiring others to fearlessly pursue their dreams regardless of what other people say. Just as he found his niche and established himself as a respectable entrepreneur, they, too, have an opportunity to create something out of nothing.

“Always remember that you can do it. To succeed in life, you must work smart and work hard. Therefore, don’t look for shortcuts. Believe in yourself, your vision, passion, and motivation if you want to run a fruitful business,” the rising entrepreneur said. 

At the rate that he is going, there is no doubt that Rogelio Bonola will continue to work hard to expand Unsung and make it a well-known brand. Armed with his passion for making a difference in the lives of others, he can be expected to explore more opportunities to be able to connect with bigger audiences in the near future. 

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