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Ronnie Cropper Shares Journey to Building Businesses That Empower People With Financial and Fitness Knowledge

They say empowered people empower people. The same goes for individuals who have gained massive success in their chosen paths. After experiencing a blessed life for years, Ronnie Cropper now wants nothing more than to pay his success forward and help others achieve their goals. 

Ronnie is the visionary mind behind two innovative projects in the technology and fitness space–CreditDash and a mobile fitness app soon to make a massive impact on people’s physical health and well-being. Ronnie also recently began his career in bodybuilding, competing in various men’s physique competitions and even landing his first show at Mr. Olympia, where he placed sixth out of the other athletes, despite the hurdles and having only been in the field for over a year. 

Originally from Southern CA, at an early age, Ronnie was exposed to entrepreneurship and built his first business venture at only 16 years old. He played basketball on a professional level but was not able to graduate with a degree. Realizing that the world can be unkind to people without a college education, Ronnie knew that entrepreneurship would be his ticket to be an active contributor in his community, and that’s when he ventured into financial technology. 

“I got started in the technology industry when I noticed a need for a solution to help Americans who have struggled with understanding and improving their credit scores,” Ronnie Shared. Following his successful basketball career, he began investing in the real estate market right before it crashed. Ronnie struggled after losing a few properties and lost thousands of dollars on fraudulent credit repair specialists. “It was when a friend helped me actually do it the right way that I realized there was a need in the space, but I wanted to make it affordable for everyone using technology,” he added. 

CreditDash was built around the ideology of assisting Americans who struggle to improve their credit score and helping new entrepreneurs help others build or fix their credit scores. The platform is currently being relaunched to reach more users across the country. Ronnie and his team are going above and beyond in amplifying the power of CreditDash as a tool for financial education and literacy. The platform aims to address the often overlooked financial challenges within the middle to lower-income communities and make financial education more accessible and affordable for everyone who wants to turn their financial situations around. 

Besides CreditDash, Ronnie is also working on a mobile fitness app to help train business entrepreneurs to maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle despite their tight schedules. “I understand the struggles of being able to find the time to be in the best shape I can be in and also the struggles of being able to put on good muscle size; it’s much harder for taller people to put on big muscle mass because their limbs are so much longer than the average person,” the visionary shared. “I understand what it takes to dedicate yourself to achieving the maximum physical results with limited time and also what it takes to build enough muscle as a taller person,” he added. 

Asked what motivates him to be a change-maker, Ronnie said that he wants to be the instrument that uplifts others, both financially and physically. “So many people struggle with just the basic necessities because they don’t have the information or know where to get it from, so that’s where my passion comes from,” he said. 

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