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Same Book New Chapter with William A. Cunningham III

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Billy Cunningham, one of Delray’s up and coming brokers after seeing a video he released about leaving the company he was working with. Billy is currently transitioning from Park View Realty to Coldwell Banker, where he’ll be leading his own residential and commercial real estate team, The Starboard Realty Group.

After graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a concentration in business, he gravitated towards real estate. His years working for Park View Realty, a subsidiary of CDS Holdings, which owns interest in many successful companies such as Celsius, Tabanero and full of highly successful mentors in real estate and business at large. Billy thanks Carl Desantis, founder of CDS, for his leadership and willingness to teach. He also gives thanks to Bill Morris who he reported to while working in commercial real estate. “[Bill Morris] taught me about zoning and understanding the development sector.” Last but not least, he thanks Bill Milmoe for building his confidence and giving him some of his first career opportunities, and Judy Zolnierek, Park View Realty’s office manager, quoting “[Judy has been] a great friend throughout my tenure, helped me through some tough times and you’ll always be someone I can count on.” Cunningham’s experience has turned him into a knowledgeable real estate professional with over $50 million in gross sales through both residential and commercial transactions.

Looking forward, we asked what the future holds for Billy Cunningham. “My long term goal is to continue to make an impact on the Palm Beach Community, the community where I’m from. I am really excited about learning the corporate side of real estate and focusing on building a streamlined system that will be easy to replicate for a team of agents. Whether we are assisting in buying or selling a home or contributing to a new development, we hope to celebrate and protect the best of existing neighborhoods and cultures and lift up the rest. I will be joining Coldwell Banker in Delray Beach and building the Starboard Realty Group. If you have any questions or are interested in joining our team as an agent, please reach out!”

To learn more about William A Cunningham III and his future, connect with him on Instagram @billycunningham561

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