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Shawana King Shares Her Story on Redemption and Success in Life

Nothing gives more proof of the resilience of the human spirit than stories of redemption. It takes a lot of courage, self-reflection, and internal strength to change the course of one’s life. Shawana King is one of those who have overcome their demons and circumstances and is now dedicated to helping others do the same.

Shawana King is an African American serial entrepreneur, author, and co-founder of “The Real Credit Pro,” a reputable credit repair agency. In addition, she is a strong advocate for the education and protection of the youth in the community and has devoted herself to the welfare of present and former inmates.

Shawana’s childhood spanned the 90s and early 2000s as the daughter of a ‘hustler’ in Brooklyn, New York. Owing to the environment she was born and raised in, Shawana got exposed to life on the streets from an early age, and it did not take long before she was effectively running cons on her own. By 19, she was skimming credit cards and eventually got arrested and sent to prison.

Her incarceration would serve as a life-changing moment. Shawana made extensive efforts to pick herself up and painstakingly rebuild her life. While still in prison, she kept in touch with other female inmates who had been released and quickly learned how difficult it was for someone with a felony to get a job. As a result, she decided to build her own business when she got out.

“I knew then that I had to build my own empire because I did not want unemployment to be the reason I failed in life,” Shawana shared. “Those conversations motivated me to write down my goals from inside prison and to follow my plan.”

Subsequently, she authored her book “Swiped” born out of a desire to help people avoid the path she took earlier in her life. Currently, the black-market business of credit card fraud is worth billions, and although the book contains entertaining elements, its central tenet is cautionary. Shawana King draws from her real-life experiences to weave a tale that is informative and meant to serve as a lesson to others. Shawana frequently speaks to the youth in the community and visits juvenile detention centers to educate them about avoiding the temptations of participating in illegal activity. In addition, she was featured on an episode of “My True Crime Story on VH1” – a cautionary documentary series.

Today, Shawana King makes up for her past by leveraging her knowledge to help those who were victims of fraud and prevent others from falling prey. In 2017, she and a close friend, Aisha Hall, launched an online company, The Real Credit Pro, that helps repair credit scores and shares secrets of maintaining good credit history. She also has a course teaching others how to fix their own credit.

“You are not a true boss until you can make other people become bosses too.” She is known for her resilience and work ethic. “I had a very hard time growing up, and my story speaks for itself,” added Shawana. “I have to go extra hard – more than the average person – because of my record.”

Apart from this, the dynamic entrepreneur is also the owner of a virgin hair company, Shop Classy Hair, and a member of The Pink Panther Clique, a group of women who band together during and after their jail terms to spread awareness about the mass incarceration crisis to the public.

Through each obstacle, Shawana exemplified grit and successfully turned a page in her life. In the coming years, she hopes to grow her company into one of the leading names in the industry while traveling and speaking to youths worldwide.

“I started my company with the passion for helping people, not for the money. I think doing credit repair and helping people is my calling.”

To learn more about Shawana King, and to purchase her book visit her website.

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