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The Authority Playbook: Dillon Kivo’s Amazon Best-Selling Book

The digital revolution has brought a world of opportunities to anyone who owns a business, non-profit, or personal brand. But with all the noise that proliferates online, standing out and reaching a certain authority level can be a challenge. That’s unless you have a system to bring your digital authority, renown, and influence— something like Dillon Kivo’s “The Authority Playbook.”

Dillon Kivo is no stranger to PR. As the owner of Authority Titans, a premier public relations firm that has served thousands of clients and grown into a seven-figure business in record time, he knows what he’s doing. But what’s so bizarre about his approach to life is his audacity to offer his best-kept secrets in a book sold for dimes. But for Dillon, publishing “The Authority Playbook” isn’t some sleazy sales move. Instead, Dillon has built the book on a desire to build a legacy and help the “small players get a chance at stardom and success.” 

“I look at all the hidden talent, great business ideas, and amazing causes, and I see they all lack one thing— exposure,” shares Kivo. “And so my book is a way to give them the chance of a lifetime to be all they can be. That’s what we want to do with this book.” Accordingly, it’s no surprise that the book has now officially made Amazon’s best-seller list. Currently, it sits on the number one spot in three categories, namely Advertising, Media & Communications Industry, and Communication Skills. 

Some of the lessons that “The Authority Playbook” include becoming a go-to authority figure in any industry, where successful influencers and businesses tend to focus their efforts on brand building, and how significant artists become viral. The book also shows Dillon Kivo’s journey to becoming a trusted network for publications like Forbes, US Reporter, New York Weekly, Entrepreneur, Yahoo!, and so on.

“The Authority Playbook” is a deep dive into one of the best minds in digital marketing, advertising, and public relations. Dillon Kivo is known to many as the Editor-in-Chief of Kivo Daily, one of the world’s biggest news websites. He started the business a little over half a decade ago and has risen to publication authority over the last few years. His story is one that unfailingly inspires. Dillon is open about his early failures— how he had to work a job at a local Mcdonald’s while running multiple business ventures in the evenings only to watch them crash and burn. 

But something switched for Kivo not too long ago. He started to pick up principles and ideas that would help him turn a profit and grow his online influence. Currently, his Instagram account is where he has the most social proof and weight, with over 1 million followers to date and still growing.

Following the recent news of “The Authority Playbook” hitting the number one spot on multiple lists on Amazon, Dillon Kivo is looking forward to launching more programs to help businesses build a social following and build their businesses, dreams, and income. But, in the end, he’s driven by a higher calling to help entrepreneurs, artists, crypto companies, and others thrive amidst the growing digital authority tide, and his book is one of many ways that he does that.

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