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TheBlondeJon Talks Hogging the TikTok Spotlight and Dishes Out Advice to Today’s Young Go-Getters

The advancements in technology and the countless doors that have been blown wide open by changes in the political, social, and economic landscapes have made it possible for countless go-getters to take a shot at success and make a name for themselves in their target industries. Social media’s rise, in particular, is credited for the heights that so many of today’s most prominent personalities have reached. However, while it is true that the digital space has allowed Jonathan Madrid, better known as TheBlondeJon, to secure a coveted spot in the entrepreneurial realm, it is his perseverance and strategic mind that propelled him forward.

TheBlondeJon is a social media influencer, entertainer, artist, and content creator whose bold moves in several industries are a testament to the growing reality that the world of business is no longer exclusive to those with decades of experience under their belt. Along with Joey Sendz, he is the visionary at the helm of, the leading source of NFT-related news and a platform designed to help collectors and investors keep track of the latest drops, podcasts, events, and more.

Growing up in a generation so intimately privy to the perks of social media opened TheBlondeJon’s eyes to a world of possibilities. He began carving his own path at the age of fifteen, highly inspired by celebrities like Logan Paul, who have managed to establish a strong brand and a solid fan base just from making good content online. 

TheBlondeJon first navigated the complex waters of branding and entrepreneurship by creating a brand around his business, which involved selling products on his Shopify store. Then, during a two-year period, the self-starter was able to launch several six-figure projects and, in the process, inspire countless people who were much older than him. “If a fifteen-year-old can make the average person’s yearly salary in e-commerce, anyone can,” he shared. “Thankfully, social media gave me the platform I needed to spread as much knowledge on how to start and scale e-commerce stores. It also gave me the avenue to show people that it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter what position you’re in – there is always a way to come out on top.”

Never the type to stay complacent, TheBlondeJon eventually decided to dip his toes into another niche, challenging himself to take on another field. He maneuvered away from the four walls of the classroom and began his journey on TikTok. By the time he graduated high school, the influencer had captured the interest of over 25,000 followers. 

Today, TheBlondeJon boasts over four million followers on TikTok, an impressive number resulting from multiple viral videos and the creation of a TikTok trend that caught the eyes of a massive audience. Additionally, he ranks among the top ten for most-viewed Snapchat accounts, accumulating over 300 million views on the said app. 

Currently, TheBlondeJon is gearing up for the expansion of his ventures. Simultaneously, he is serving as an inspiration for young aspirants, readily dishing out pieces of advice to those who wish to enter the competitive commercial space. “It’s so important to believe in yourself when you are on your way to the top,” he said. “There will be people who will say that you can’t accomplish your dreams and aspirations. If you have that strong belief system, you won’t have to seek acceptance from others.”

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