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Third Eye Apes Aim to Dominate ETH Blockchain as the Wisest Apes in the Meta

Although many ape-inspired collections have been launched in the NFT space, Third Eye Apes emphasizes that the collection brings the most intelligent apes the Ethereum blockchain has ever seen. Furthermore, the project sets itself apart because the NFTs go beyond aesthetic qualities and provides holders with more utilities offered by any other ape-inspired projects in the past.

Third Eye Apes is a collection of 10,000 Apes. Each of the tokens was carefully designed and hand-drawn by Miami-based artist Deion’dre Deveaux using over 150 unique features, including skins, facial expressions, jewelry, eyes, hair, headwear, clothing, and more. The Apes are randomly generated while the creators simultaneously ensure that each NFT would bear the distinct style of the blockchain artist. 

“We are committed to adding the most value to the marketplace and take pride in building a product on the foundation of longevity and innovation of the industry,” said one of the representatives of Third Eye Apes in an interview. “We welcome and encourage all those that are interested in what is the future, regardless of their experience, to join our community.”

“We are the wisest apes in the meta. We come seeking to enlighten all those of the future of NFTs, VR, and the metaverse. By adding real-life utility such as equity in an investment fund for holder projects, digital island equity for holders, or even exclusive life events all over the world, we will enable our community to create financial freedom and further our positive impact on our planet and play a vital role in the development of this new world,” Third Eye Society, the official community of Third Eye Apes, expressed on their website. 

The Third Eye Apes collection contains collectible art pieces, but the founders highlight that the project’s image is merely the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to the project than meets the eye. The collectible art pieces are merely tokens of a community based upon spiritual principles. Holders of Third Eye Ape NFTs will exclusively be granted access to a group that is dedicated and well-versed in furthering the Web3 space. Being part of the Third Eye Ape community ultimately provides investors a ticket to a knowledge pool containing everything there is to know about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Web3 ecosystem. 

“We have an extensive roadmap that we are very proud to execute on and allow our community to be a part of a project that will make a change in the world for a very long time to come,” said one of the representatives of the project. There will also be giveaways where the prize will be e-commerce stores to randomly selected Apes.

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