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Tianna Santoi Shares How She Built Her Passive Income Company

For Tianna Santoi, she grew up with ideas of self-doubt Tianna Santoi. For a very long time, she believed she could not make it in business even though she had exhibited some entrepreneurial tendencies as a little child. As a four-year-old, Tianna sold lemonade to workers, parents, and children because she thought they would get thirsty from walking. She spotted a problem and found a way to fix it. For a very long time, she was built that way until her aspirations were dampened by people around her who told her she had no place in business as a young black woman.

Her relentless nature never made her settle. Tianna was always looking for ways to create something and solve problems. She once got a job offer at a mini nursing home that was going to pay her about $900 per month. Tianna opted to go into business instead and survive on welfare and section 8 in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods with help from no one. She launched a marketing company. Within a few months, she already raked in a quarter of a million dollars, but the business took its toll on her. She handled everything by herself and had no time for family or friends.

At that point in her life, she began to think beyond working for money. She needed a passive income source that would allow her to engage in other beneficial activities. She figured that having a mentor might help, and not long after, she met Jake Huynh on a popular business platform. Her new mentor assisted her with a new business plan and set up her company ownership. This birthed her flourishing financial services company. Tianna Santoi got on the journey of running a business that allowed her to do other things while helping others build their dreams.

Tianna got the chance to be a business owner rather than a business operator. In her words, “Business owners businesses run without their personal presence. They have a teachable system where they get paid when they’re sleeping on vacation no matter what. Business operators, on the other hand, have to be at their places of business. Their businesses cannot function without them being there every day.” Tianna Santoi’s business is the Amazon of financial services with offerings like long-term and short-term savings, tax-free retirement solutions, wealth preservation, insurance, and other services.

The company is all about helping people turn around their finances or gain better insights on gaining financial freedom. Tianna’s work revolves around coaching and mentorship. With the world recovering from the pandemic, she’s helping people get their finances right.

Tianna Santoi has come a long way on her business journey. She hopes to introduce more people to her painless financial solutions while helping as many as possible restore happiness to their lives through financial success. She has helped the business make millions of dollars and has worked in the elderly care industry for more than 21 years. Taking care of people remains top of her priority, and officially, she’ll be launching her financial firm on the 20th of April 2021 to kick-start her journey of helping people secure financial freedom.

Additionally, Tianna Santoi is also an excellent writer. This multi-talented powerhouse hopes that in the future, avid readers will grab a copy of her published books from the shelves of New York City bookstores when she gets the opportunity.

Learn more about Tianna Santoi on her official Instagram page.

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