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Top Automotive Professionals on the Rise

Becoming successful in the automotive industry requires a certain level of innovation and determination to compete, especially in the domestic marketplace of the United States. 

We interviewed a few of the top automotive professionals in America that we believe have successfully created a name for themselves as a go to in their respective market. Take a look at some of the top automotive professionals on the rise. 

Rudy Treminio 

Rudy Treminio is an American Automotive business professional based out of Brooklyn, New York. In Rudy’s career he is responsible for over 1 billion in car sales over his 18 year long career. Rudy shares that he credits his success to his constant effort and belief to be a game changer in everything that he does. Being a game changer is something that Rudy is an advocate for, he also wrote a book that is available on amazon titled “Game Changer” where he teaches what mistakes to avoid in the Automotive industry. When asked what advice he would give to someone looking to get into the automotive industry Rudy implied “Be unique and find a niche in your local market, Once you find one go crush it!” To learn more about Rudy Treminio, connect with him online here

Faisal Malik

Faisal Malik is an American business professional based out of New York City & is the founder of Status Auto Group. The company specializes in exotic vehicles, especially ultra elite exotics that most dealers in the country don’t have the resources to find. This turnkey capability that Faisal and his company possess gives the group a great reputation as the go to for high end and rare exotic cars. The company offers its services to exclusive elite clientele, for Faisal it is important to protect the confidentiality of the clients that he represents and services. Faisals future plans include building Status Auto Group to a household name brand & to one day being the go to for high end exotic vehicles across the nation. To learn more about Faisal Malik and Status Auto Group, click here.

Greg Pambukyan

Greg Pambukyan is an American Business Professional and Exotic car specialist based out of Los Angeles, California. He is the founder and chief operator of RR Auto Group, a full service Auto Body shop that offers I-Car Platinum 3 grade service for services such as structural and non structural repair as well as exotic collision repair, vehicle wraps and customization. Pambukyan claims his success has all to do with his relationship with his customers saying “We are a family here, my goal is I treat every car that comes in the shop the same like it is my car.” With the future of the automotive repair industry becoming more tech savvy, Greg has been able to stay ahead of the curve by continuously educating and training his staff to stay up to date with the latest technological automotive advances from daily drivers all the way to exotic vehicles. To learn more about Greg Pambukyan and RR Auto Group, click here.

Emily Hunyady

Emily Hunyady is an American business professional and Founder of Fortis Autogroup based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Being one of the youngest female dealership owners in the country has given Emily a unique operating perspective in comparison to orthodox traditional dealership model. Coming from a background in exotic sales, Emily has designed her dealership to accommodate her customers and create a non stressful environment for consumers, creating an amazing car purchasing experience. With a background in the exotic car space, Emily’s hybrid model offers customers the same purchasing experience you’d feel buying a exotic sports car to any other make or model. Hunyady’s future includes continuing to establish Fortis Autogroup with new locations in different markets to be able to offer your everyday car and exotics, and continuing to do what she loves. To learn more about Fortis Autogroup & Emily Hunyady, click here.

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