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Entrepreneurs To Know About In 2022

With the height of today’s global marketplace, in what has been a historical era for economic growth and innovation — we’ve decided to compile a list of what we believe to be the Top Entrepreneurs that you should know about in 2022. 

By reading, you will learn about the various innovations and services these listed talented entrepreneurs offer. 

Aaron Rian

Aaron Rian is an American Real Estate Professional & the founder of The Brokerage House Realtors. In his career, Aaron has successfully done over 1 billion in real estate transactions, and has successfully scaled his organization in multiple states making The Brokerage House Realtors a power house brokerage. With over 20 years of experience, Aaron Rian has built a national name for himself as one of America’s top real estate brokers — with accolades from Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance & Many more. When asked what advice he would give to a professional in today’s market, Aaron explained “Stay consistent with the day to day tasks that allow you to be successful, When you overthink the simple concepts that make dollars churn that’s when you fall off track in productivity. At the highest level it is a game of inches that separates top earners from the rest, in order to be the best you must focus on the simple things”. In the future, Aaron is excited to continue to expand his real estate business & further build his holdings as a serial entrepreneur. To learn more about Aaron Rian & The Brokerage House Realtors, click here

Arjav Shah

Arjav Shah is an American Business Professional and Investor. Shah has interest in multiple different sectors in the domestic marketplace in groups such as Finance, Technology, Education, Oil & Gas, and most importantly IT management consulting for federal, state, and local agencies. In his career he is responsible for — 5 million in capital allocation in global security markets & is associated in 5+ current organizations. As an Entrepreneur, Shah has been able to separate himself in the marketplace through his proprietary marketplace knowledge to identify sector opportunities for expansive monetary allocation. When asked what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur, Shah said “We all need to start somewhere and plant an initial seed, the more you focus on your own growth the further along you will get in the long run. In other words stay in your own lane”. In the future, Shah is aggressively continuing to build a vertical into his holdings in IT Management Consulting. To learn more about Arjav Shah, click here

Isaac Hamlin

Isaac Hamlin is an American business professional and the founder of Better Blend. Before Entrepreneurship, Isaac played collegiate rugby at the University of Kentucky where he was awarded first team all SEC in his senior season. During his athletic career, he noticed he lacked the nutrition he needed to excel on the field. This led to his creation of Better Blend, fueling not only athletes, but weekend warriors, single moms, young professionals, college students, really anyone looking for a fast and affordable healthy meal. Since being established in 2018, The company now operates in multiple states & has served hundreds if thousands of people and their healthy lifestyles. When asked what advice he would give to an entrepreneur, Hamlin went on to say: “Know your “why”, if you’re doing it for money and to see your name in lights, you’ll lose. Audiences and your customers are smart, they won’t get behind an entrepreneur that isn’t in it for the right reasons. In the future, Isaac is looking forward to further expanding Better Blend by offering franchise opportunities in various marketplaces in the United States to potential partners. To learn more about Isaac Hamlin & Better Blend, click here

Andy Nagel

Andy Nagel is an American Business professional and Office Manager for Cutco, a national domestic service provider that offers high end kitchen knives. In his career, Nagel has successfully scaled and grown his organization into a power house in the ranks of Cutco as one of the top offices. Located in Virginia Beach, His company has led the leaderboards by effectively building an amazing team — All with the help of his division leadership. When asked what advice he would give to a new Entrepreneur in today’s marketplace, Andy said: “Bring others with you & help other people succeed. If you focus on other people & not yourself as an entrepreneur you get far better results.” In the future, Nagel is excited to continue to expand his organization and help more people in his community build their professional skill set by providing Cutco products and services. To learn more about Andy Nagel and Virginia Titan Division, click here

Bruno Bajrami

Bruno Bajrami is a high ticket sales trainer and business consultant based out of Switzerland. The talented sales consultant offers proprietary training to 9-5ers and beginner entrepreneurs that want to become remote high-ticket closers. Through staffing & training, Bruno has been able to offer amazing resources to organizations & individuals seeking to be more productive at high ticket offer selling. To date, Bruno has done over 5 million in sales as a high ticket closer himself. In the future, Bajrami believes that his sector will only grow as many people look to become self-employed. To learn more about Bruno Bajrami & his services, click here.

Jonathan Castell 

Jonathan Castell is an American Entrepreneur and Seed Investor based out of Miami, Florida. Recently named WTSVG’s 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year, the successful entrepreneur sits as the founder and co-owner of Growth2Success — a social media technology company that specializes in strategy, & marketing through proprietary proven concepts & AI. When asked what advice he would give to an upcoming entrepreneur, Castell said: “Take advantage of opportunities and be ready for them when they come.” In the future, Castell believes that his sector of operation will expand as more companies are forced to go digital. Furthermore stating, “As the marketplace continues to shift to online, we know the need for online services for private sector companies will continue to increase.” To learn more about Castell & his organization Growth2Success, click here

Kamran Zahid

Kamrin Zahid is a Canadian entrepreneur and the founder of Fame Media, a boutique exclusive service provider for PR and Branding. The talented young entrepreneur has successfully built a name for himself in his sector as a top marketing expert internationally. Kamran went on to say “With so much smoke and mirrors in the online space, I have been able to successfully identify the right resources and opportunities for clients from all over the world.” In the future, Kamran is excited to expand his organization as a top private sector service provider in the marketplace for PR and Online branding. To learn more about Kamran Zahid & Fame Media, click here

Andy Dulman

Andy Dulman is an American Real Estate Professional based out of Los Angeles, CA. In his first year in the marketplace, Andy was able to amass 20 million in combined successful real estate transactions for his clients. In addition to being named Southern California’s “Rookie of the Year” in the LA Times, Andy was selected to receive the “Rising Star Award” by the California Association Of Realtors. With challenging market shifts and conditions, Andy has been able to navigate steadfast and offer amazing results for his clients. When asked what advice he would give to an up and comer, he said “Be an active listener and invest the time to truly understand the unique wants and needs of the clients that you serve.” With much success, look for Andy Dulman to further expand his name and Real Estate representation in Southern California. To learn more about Andy Dulman & how to get in contact with him, click here

Enrique Alonzo Carrillo

Enrique Alonzo Carrillo is an American Entrepreneur & CEO of M&E Trucking — An oil and gas organization that specializes in compliant services for the petroleum industry domestic to the United States. The successful entrepreneur has been able to successfully differentiate himself in the marketplace by staying true to himself and valuing high morals and integrity in everything that he does. Carrillo views the future of his industry as a greener, more modern operation stating “I view the carbon emission on-site for petroleum will continue to lessen as top service providers innovate in order to help the environment while supplying valuable energy to the world.” In the future, Enrique is excited to further grow his organization and also build and scale into new sectors such as real estate. To learn more about Enrique Alonzo Carrillo & his organization M&E Trucking, click here

Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans is an American Entrepreneur, Podcast host of Ace Weekly, & Co-founder of Growth2Success — A social media technology company that specializes in strategy, & marketing through proprietary proven concepts & AI. With a focus on synergy and alignment through habitual practices and mindful personal development, Andrew has been able to build a successful career in the marketplace from the ground up. With future growth and innovation, Andrew ways the future marketplace as fruitful stating “For our organization, Growth2Success, we view that the future of the marketplace will continue to shift to digital services indefinitely to operate their businesses.” To learn more about Andrew Evans & his organization Growth2Success, click here

Siamack Yaghobi

Siamack Yaghobi is a proven sought after thought leader American iranian serial Entrepreneur and investor across digital marketing, tech, crypto currency and the NFT space. Sia is also a Best selling author, & CEO of Adventurous Ventures, 2 LIFE AR & DFY NFTs (Done For You NFTs). Throughout Siamack’s career he has been able to succeed in the marketplace by consistently investing into himself and others, particularly through personal and professional development. Siamack has successfully exited venture such as his recent partial sale of membership equity in his Fintech startup and  views the future of his marketplace in the form of Web3 stating: “Every organization will need to find a way to add NFT’s within their macro strategy of their business to succeed in the future marketplace.” In the future, Siamack is focused on building a Crypto asset based hedge fund and empowering 5,000 people to understand and master trading within the NFT/Crypto industry this year with the world’s greatest NFT and crypto trading course, — visit the link to his course and To learn more about Siamack and his services, click here and direct message him.

James Henry Kolka

James Kolka is an American Entrepreneur & founder of Nomade Villa Collection. The standout visionary enjoys the freedom and fruits of his labor that allow him to travel and enjoy what he called a nomadic lifestyle. In alignment with his organization and what he likes to do for fun, James’ success in The marketplace is unorthodox at best. Kolka’s originality of concept and ideas have allowed him to flourish in his career as an entrepreneur. In the future, James feels his sector, which is remote travel destinations, will become an easier experience to attain for many people across the globe. 

To further benefit the globe, he is following in his Grandfather Henry Kolka’s footsteps to benefit the Globe, protect and give back to the planet. Nomade is now focused on Charity, Music, Entertainment and all the other passion projects that make this life a unique blessing. In his words, “The moment you’re aware that you’re able to give back, you should already have embarked on that mission.”To learn more about James Kolka & his organization Nomade Villa Collection — Click here.

The Blonde Jon

The Blonde Jon is an American Entrepreneur & Social Media Influencer with over 5 million followers combined across his media platforms. As a successful influencer, Jon offers services to those looking to build their online presence through his various services and advisory. The talented influencer operates a talent organization named “TBSxTalent LLC” — which is an organization that specializes in helping talented social media stars monetize their brands. In the future, The Blonde Jon believes that the influencer marketing industry will continue to grow as more people continue to conduct commerce online. To learn more about The Blonde Jon & his organization, click here

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